Saturday, 24 September 2011

Pricewatch: Gerbe Drain Up 40 men's tights

It seems that the Gerbe Drain Up 40 tights for men are being discontinued by Gerbe. This is a shame as they have received excellent reviews, including this very detailed and informative one by SheerGeek.

According to UK Tights, the Drain Up 40 tights "offer a real sense of well-being throughout the day and are recommended for prolonged upright positions or for people who do long journeys in a sitting position. The comfort band and front opening especially designed for the male anatomy makes them easy to wear and allows them to totally replace underpants and socks. The knitted waistband gives a firm support without tightening. They also have an invisible reinforced toe and heel. Very comfortable and easy to wear."

These tights are currently available in the UK from:

Legwear4Men: £41.99 (Only Small size remaining)

UK TIghts: £39.95 (Small, Medium, Large and X Large sizes available)

According to SheerGeek, these "are the Rolls Royce of men's semi-opaque tights and as such carry a hefty price tag."

If you want a pair, it's best to purchase now as they won't be around for much longer.

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