Monday, 26 September 2011

Reviewed: Ufash 20 denier unisex tights

I recently started reviewing the new range of unisex tights from the new Austrian brand Ufash, beginning with the Lucy & Luca 40 denier matt semi-opaque tights.
Today we are reviewing the Frida & Fred 20 denier semi-matt tights.

Materials and features

According to the packaging, these are 'semi-matt, transparent unisex tights' made from 87% Polyamide and 13% Elastane. The tights come in a transparent, resealable storage bag.

The tights have conventional seams and there is demarcated brief/panty.

I found these tights to be very transparent; so much so that it was impossible to tell that I was wearing them.

Fit and sizing
The tights come in three sizes: Medium and Large (both with a gusset) and XL which has a rear comfort panel.

I tested the XL size and the fit was excellent. The brief had plenty of room. I am 5'10" and the tights would probably fit a slightly taller person also.

Colour range

These tights are available in Black and Sun/Beige colours.

Price and availability

These tights cost €8.95. At the moment they are available from Amazon Germany. However, Ufash have informed me that they will shortly be available in the UK from a major retailer of men's tights.


I found the fit of these tights to be excellent. They are very comfortable indeed and would be a a good choice if you want to wear tights discretely as the legs are very transparent with only minimum shine. However they are really quite delicate: I managed to ladder both legs while putting them on and I am usually very careful. Provided they are handled carefully they would be a good buy.


  1. what about sizing for taller people.

    what if you are 6'6"

  2. Hi Anon. Well I tried the XL size and I would doubt that they would fit a very tall person, and 6'6"is VERY tall. You can always contact Ufash and ask their advice on this.

  3. Very worrying that 20 denier tights that are that delicate... I could understand if they where 10 denier or below...