Monday, 3 October 2011

Argyle tights for men

I have always liked argyle-patterned socks and have recently become aware of the range of argyle-style tights that are now available. If any readers of this blog or retailers spot any other designs that might be good for men, please leave a comment.

I recently gave a very positive review to the ADRIAN 60 Denier 'Grating' tights for men. These are now available in both the Black/Grey and Navy/Denim colours from Legwear4Men.

Tights Please were kind enough to recently send me some Red or Dead argyle tights samples. These were only available in 'one size' and weren't the best fit for me. However I really liked the designs, which you can see below.

Charnos have collaborated with Mary Portas to produce a new range of tights, including two with an attractive argyle pattern. These seem to be available at House of Fraser at present. Tights Please look like they will have them in stock shortly.

These Cotton Rich Heavyweight Argyle Tights from Marks and Spencer look good value at £9.50 and are also available in a Large/X Large size. There are three colours available: Grey Mix, Mulberry Mix and Navy Mix (pictured).

Jonathan Aston have also recently released a nice range of argyle tights in their Heritage Collection. I am not sold on the Green colour, although the Jonathan Aston website suggests that these tights will also be available in Grey, Navy and Black.


  1. I really like these new styles. Shame you hiding them under those drab jeans :(

    1. That's your problem. If you don't wanna wear a skirt, you are out of luck.

  2. I would need a complimentary skirt to wear the green tights. It's a win win!!

  3. Platino Luxe Fata have a new and improved waistband, should double or triple their usual life, though only available in black most of the time.