Sunday, 9 October 2011

Wolford opaque 70 promotion ends tomorrow

This great offer on the Wolford 70 denier opaque tights ends on tomorrow, the 10 October. These really are excellent quality opaque tights - some of the best I have ever bought. The Extra Large size is a great fit if you are taller. Slightly pricey some would say, but for the quality you get they are definitely worth it and will last for ages. UK shipping is also free from the Wolford Partner Boutique in London.

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  1. Wolford has been a leader of luxury hosiery for many years. They're the "Rolex" brand of hosiery, as I see it. So why... why do they not at all cater to tall women? I have perused their entire opaque hosiery line time and time again over the years and have yet to see them have an extra tall size that goes beyond 5' 10" (178cm). And of course, whatever they supply for plus size figures is very conservative. I guess in Austria, the wealthy women are mostly thin and of moderate height.

    I never tried their "waist socks" for Men that they came out with back in 1998, because I thought they were obscenely priced and reviews were mediocre. It's obvious that several hosiery makers are getting onto the bandwagon for making men's tights. So, how peculiar that Wolford who "broke the ice" first is not going to participate. I guess they have a certain image that they wish to maintain. ;-)