Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Just arrived: Solidea men's compression footless tights

I am starting to investigate the benefits for men of wearing compression hosiery and will blog about this soon.

I have just received these men's high-tech footless compression pants from Solidea and they look very impressive. I will review this product shortly.

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  1. I just love Solidea. I am a man, but have only been wearing their women's varieties, and I must say, they are so much nicer and more durable than Wolfords. They often have killer sales at their LegLuxe site, like 85% off from retail. I just stocked up on over 13 pairs of differing deniers/support. I'm sure you'll like them, but I am curious as to the fit and feel of their men's line. Like does it "hug" those man parts, and does the fly help with daily activities? They are just so much more expensive, as I've never seen them on sale, that's why I haven't tried them yet.