Thursday, 29 December 2011

Reviewed: Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 70 Tights

I have never worn Pierre Mantoux tights before. I bought the Veloutine 70 Tights from UK Tights after reading their description:

"Unlike any other opaque tights you may have worn before, I promise, you'll not want to take these off at the end of the day."

Materials and features

Pierre Mantoux tights are made in Italy and that is usually, in my experience, a sign that the quality will be excellent.

The tights felt quite light when I took them out of the packaging, but the quality of the fabric was noticeable immediately.

The fabric used in these tights is 96% Nylon and 4% Elastane. They have flat seams. The Size IV/XL size that I bought has a rear comfort panel. The waistband is soft and comfortable. The tights are sheer to waist with no demarcation between the legs and brief area.

Fit and sizing

These tights come in five sizes:


I tested the IV/XL size which, as can been seen on the size chart, goes up to 6'00".

The fit was really good. They have plenty of stretch and gave a good even opaque coverage. The brief section seemed to lack some depth but stretched well and fitted comfortably over my waist. This is often an issue when men buy tights designed for women. I like tights that will at least fit slightly above the waist level of my jeans or trousers and in this respect the Veloutine 70 tights worked well for me.

I very much liked the matte appearance of the fabric, which makes these tights good for 'stealth' wear under trousers. The fabric is amazingly soft and smooth.

Colour range
These tights are available in Black, Blue, Chocolate and and Anthracite. I tested a pair in Chocolate, my preferred shade at the moment.

Price and availability
These tights normally cost £18.95, but are currently available at a special offer price of £16.95 from UK Tights.

These tights are quite expensive. At getting on for £20.00 they are in the same price bracket as hosiery from Falke and Wolford. Is the price justified? In terms of quality, comfort and fit I would say they are good value. I tested the pair I bought three times and I really enjoyed the feel and comfort they provided. 

However, I have recently bought and tested both the Wolford OPAQUE 70 Tights and Falke Pure Matt 100 Tights and for me, both of these styles just shade it ahead of the Pierre Mantoux. I would give the highest possible rating to the Wolford and Falke tights and at present I can't see beyond them for quality and, particularly as a man, the fantastic fit. This is not to knock the Pierre Mantoux tights - they are great quality, available in larger sizes and fit well. I would be more than happy to wear these regularly and hope to try more of the Pierre Mantoux range, including the Veloutine 100 Tights.


  1. Thanks for this terrific review!

    I have been considering Pierre Mantoux, both the Veloutine 70 and 100, plus the Satin Opaque 60D ( Good to hear the quality turned out really well.

    Sizing wise, do you find they fit just as snug as Falke across the legs and brief areas?

  2. Yes, the fit is good across the leg and brief area. I may also try the Setificato 40 tights:

    1. Yes excellent review. I think the Mantoux Veloutine 70 tights are awesome. Great fit and very comfortable.

    2. Pierre MANTOUX Setificato 40 den got these today in the Perla color. I just love them wearing them right now and wow I love the shine they give to my legs. They fit great got a size 3 am male and 195 pounds the gloss is fantastic they seem durable these I can tell are a great quality pair of hose would recommend these to anyone. Am 5'7" pounds size chart said 165 on one and 175 on the other they fit like a dream.