Monday, 9 January 2012

New arrivals: Tights from Penti

I have just taken delivery of a very generous selection of samples from Penti.

You can read my recent article about Penti tights from Turkey.

I am looking forward to trying these tights and will review them for Hosiery for Men readers.


  1. Hoe did you buy them?

  2. Hi PH Turk. I didn't buy them. Penti sent me samples for me to test and review.


    Do they know? you are a man

  4. Of course. They have read the blog and know that the aim of the the blog is to promote tights for men. They are aware, I believe, that some men wear Penti products, especially those in Turkey like yourself.

  5. I tried their models, you can see at down tights report.

    200 den matt: The tights has high opacity but there is a problem a little shine when under the sun or light.

    80 den matt: The tights has middle opacity but there is a problem it has not a sewn gusset panel. Sometimes elasten shining

    100 den: The tights has high opacity but there is a problem it is shine so feminine look :(.

    70 den extra cotton: The tights has high opacity but there is a size level is narrow only until 3 size.

    Bambu 200 den: The tights said 200 den but no much opaque. But matt a tights so it can wear.

    Other 3 models I did not try because their price levels are high.

    Result: My favorite is 80 den, only one request from penti please put on the tights sewn gusset panel and a little label "unisex"

  6. Thanks Ph Turk - all useful comments.

  7. Interesting observations from Ph Turk. I wonder what his height/weight is and the sizes he chose. It is very difficult to find tights that are truly matte, where there is absolutely no shine or sheen visible in the sun. So far, Falke Pure Matt 100 is the winner, in my tests so far. I saw PH Turks's photo stream on Flickr and noticed that at stress points, like heels, toes, and knees, that many of the tights appeared semi-opaque. But I have no idea which styles and sizes he was wearing at the time.

  8. actually , now there is a new product sold in Turkey and it is labelled as UNISEX

    here is the link

    i hope we are getting close to break social barrier

  9. Penti tights are nice but try to order them from the site impossible phone field lets you enter only 3 numbers. So that means you can't order I can't and live in the US.