Friday, 6 January 2012

Reviewed: Charnos Cotton Modal Tights

Cotton tights are always popular during cold weather, and these days one can see an impressive selection of styles on the legs of women in London.

I was sent a pair of the Charnos Cotton Model Tights by Tights Please, one of the retailers that has always provided support to this blog.

I have tested these tights several times over the winter and here is my review.

Materials and features

The fabric used in manufacturing these tights is 35% Modal, 35% Cotton, 25% Nylon and 5% Elastane

They are sheer to waist, have extremely well-constructed flat seams and a cotton gusset.

There is a 1.5cm wide comfortable waistband.

The fabric is very soft and the tights have plenty of stretch. When worn they have a matt appearance, with just a slight shine when catching the light.

Fit and sizing

These tights come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Sizing information provided by Tights Please indicates that the Large size, which I tested, fits 5'10"-6'0"/178-182cm.

The fit was very good for my 5'10" height and there was sufficient length in the leg. The panty/brief also fitted me well, but I could have done with a bit more depth. This is often, although not always, an issue for men wearing some brands of tights designed for women. A few years ago, Charnos 60 denier opaque tights had much more generous depth in the brief compared to the current version of this style. Perhaps they redesigned the tights or changed manufacturer.

These tights are very comfortable to wear and the Elastane content provides a good close fit. As an extra layer in cold weather they provide excellent insulation.

The matt appearance means that the tights look similar to woolen socks, if worn under jeans or trousers.

Colour range
These tights are available in Aubergine, Chocolate, Black and Navy. I tested a pair in Chocolate (Brown).

Price and availability
These tights are available from Tights Please for £7.18, a 10% discount on the normal price of £7.98.

Looking around at other retailers, it looks like this is the best price available for these tights.

It is also worth remembering that Tights Please currently offers free delivery on ALL orders and a pair of free tights for all orders over £15.00

These are very comfortable and warm tights. They are great for cold weather and are an excellent alternative to traditional men's long johns.

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