Monday, 16 January 2012

Reviewed: Trasparenze Sophie 70 Tights

I recently reviewed the Trasparenze Cortina 100 denier opaque tights which I acquired from Legs and Stockings.

I was keen to try more Trasparenze tights. I wanted to to see if they were of similar excellent quality to the Cortina tights, as well as check the larger 5-Maxi size.

The Trasparenze Sophie opaque tights have been given great reviews on many hosiery retail sites. They are described by Legs and Stockings as "the softest opaque tights you can buy."

Materials and features

Like the Cortina 100 tights, the Sophie 70 tights are part of the Trasparenze 'Classic' range.

The fabric used is 86% Polyamide, 10% Elastane and 4% Cotton.

These tights are beautifully made and constructed, as one usually finds with Italian-made hosiery.

They are sheer to waist, have flat seams and the legs are shaped at the heel.

The waistband is 3.5cm wide and is soft and comfortable. There is a narrow reinforced strip either side of the seams in the brief and this extends on both sides of the rear comfort panel, which is a feature of the 5-Maxi size.

The Sophie tights are fairly opaque, but despite trying to 5-Maxi size I found them quite a tight fit and this meant that where the tights were more stretched, such as in the thigh area, the opacity was less. When worn, they had more of a 40-50 denier appearance on me.
The tights have a very even matt appearance, with just a slight shine.

Fit and sizing
These tights come in five sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-MAXI.

I tested 5-Maxi size which according to the packaging information extends up to a height of 5'11"or 6'1" depending on weight.

I am 5'10" and the fit was excellent, although it was it was less generous than I expected. The Sophie 70 tights do not have a great deal of stretch; quite a bit less than the Cortina 100 tights. I am not sure of the fit would be good for anyone taller than me.

Interestingly, I also bought some Trasparenze Debbie lustre sheer 40 denier tights in the 5-Maxi size (review to follow soon) and these were much more generously sized. So there is perhaps some inconsistency in Trasparenze sizing and it's worth being aware of this.

However the Sophie 70 tights did fit me very well - extremely snug and quite tight. I needed to put them on carefully, but once on they clung to me like a second skin. There is no wrinkling or bunching and these tights stay in place all day.

As mentioned above, they are also incredibly soft to the touch and feel quite lovely on the legs. The glide under jeans and trousers is excellent.

Colour range

These tights are available in a range of shades from Legs and Stockings:
  • Nero (Black) 
  • Marrone (Brown) 
  • Prugna (Plum) 
  • Oliva (Green) 
  • Metal (Grey) 
  • Bacca (Red Berry) 
A wider range of shades might be available from other retailers.

I tested the Marrone (Brown) shade which is a medium brown colour, less dark than a richer chocolate brown.

Price and availability
These tights normally cost between £8.00 and £10.00 but Legs and Stockings sell them for just £4.95, reduced from their usual retail price of £9.45.

For the quality, I would say this is a real bargain.

Despite some concerns about sizing, these are excellent quality tights that provide a close fit and a very soft and smooth feel.

As I mentioned in a previous review, Legs and Stockings also provide an excellent, quick delivery and UK postage is just £0.99.

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  1. These tights I seen in a email I got they look fantastic. They come in a great selection of colors to they are something I would consider and love wearing.