Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Spotlight on Itsocks

There are growing number of start-up internet hosiery retailers, in the UK and internationally. Many offer a much more personal service than established larger retailers. Some specialise in offering different brands that provide good value.

One such retailer that this blog has recently discovered is Itsocks. Based in London, they offer a number of different brands of tights and other hosiery, including the highly regarded Polish brand Gatta. Importantly, they welcome male customers buying tights for themselves.

Hosiery for Men has just conducted an exclusive interview with Anna Oldbury, the owner of Itsocks which we are pleased to publish.

Are male customers buying tights for themselves an important part of your customer base? Do you welcome their custom at Itsocks?
We have some regular male customers who like the tights we offer and give us feedback on which tights they would like us to stock. We also receive enquiries from male customers who would like to buy tights for themselves but are not sure which tights would be most suitable.

We welcome male customers and hope to grow the selection we can offer to them.

Are there any particular styles of tights or brands that are popular with your male customers?
Men tend to be taller than women and therefore require larger size tights with high Lycra content for better flexibility.

Overall Gatta and Fiore in sizes Large and X –Large offer a generous fit that is popular with our male customers.

Which tights have been a bestseller with your male customers?
With the cold weather and in the last few weeks our Polar Tights Rosalia 600Den has been selling very well. In fact we sold out in size X Large and we have already received some pre-orders. We are expecting Rosalia 600Den back in stock around middle of January.

What kind of service will male customers receive at Itsocks? Do you welcome enquiries and requests for advice?
Most definitely. We often receive phone calls and emails from our male customers. We also have a Google talk system on the website where the customers can chat to me online for free almost 24 hours a day- by clicking “chat to Anna”

What are your thoughts on men wearing tights?
I am surprised that it took so long for male tights to become more acceptable. In the cold weather tights offer comfort and warmth and as a woman I can’t imagine not being able to wear tights. Also some men just like to wear tights and living in the civilised, equal society we should all be able to wear things that we like.

Many thanks Anna. Your support for men who buy tights for themselves is really appreciated. I am sure readers of this blog will be pleased that there are retailers like Itsocks that will provide them with a good service.

I am also looking forward to testing some Gatta tights soon and sharing feedback with readers of this blog.


  1. I travel internationally quite a bit, and on my recent trip to Poland, I was able to visit a Gatta boutique. I purchased some tights for my wife and for myself, and I must say that the fit is incredible. I am 6'4' with long legs, so it can be difficult at times to find tights that fit, but Gatta tights (size XL) are incredibly comfortable and warm.

  2. Great to see this interview. I had the chance to interview Anna as well, and I've gotten the same impression. It looks like ItSocks is poised to become a leading resource for men interested in buying tights. :-)