Sunday, 12 February 2012

Profile: Cecilia de Rafael

Cecilia de Rafael is a leading European hosiery manufacturer. Established in 1976, they focus on the production of tights and other hosiery in the medium-high quality range. 

Cecila de Rafael's central manufacturing hub is based near Barcelona, Spain. Here they aim to use the most advanced ecological materials in creating, dyeing and finishing their products.

They are currently a leading brand in the Spanish market and more than 15 countries worldwide.

The full range of Cecilia de Rafael tights can be viewed on their website. There are an impressive range of opaque styles. For male wearers, two positive features stand out: the availability of many styles in a size 5 (extra large) which caters for heights up to 190cm (6'2"), and the wide variety of dark and neutral shades.

In recent years, they have further expanded their product line by releasing a more youth-oriented brand, Samburu.

Cecilia de Rafael do not currently manufacturer tights made especially for men, however my conversations with them indicate that they are interested in increasing awareness of their range of opaque tights and exploring possibilities of developing this segment of the market.

Cecilia de Rafael have kindly sent me three styles to test and review. These are:
The Zafiro 60 Denier Opac Plus tights.

The Ave 70 Denier opaque tights.

The Coral 60 Denier opaque tights.

Cecilia de Rafael tights are available from several retailers including UK Tights, Shapings, Hosieree and Hosieria.

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