Friday, 11 May 2012

Tights for men at SockShop

SockShop is a familiar name in the UK for people buying socks, tights and other hosiery. It has been a leading specialist retailer since 1983.

Once a familiar sight on the high street and in airports and stations, SockShop still has presence in many concessions around the UK. Its main focus, however, is now online at

It was nice to read SockShop's history of tights and the acknowledgement that these were originally men's clothing:

Would you believe that tights were a fashion must for respectable gentlemen in Europe several centuries ago. They were made as tight as possible to aid comfort when riding horseback.

SockShop retweeted the question that has been buzzing around the Internet since the Daily Express article a few days ago: Can a man look good in tights?

SockShop have asked me to provide some recommendations for men from the extensive range of tights at

Falke tights are a big favourite here at Hosiery For Men and there is a great selection at SockShop.

The Falke Pure Matt 100 Tights are a very strong recommendation and these have already been reviewed on this blog. These are thick, warm opaque tights. The fit is superb and large and extra large sizes are available.

Also available at SockShop are the Falke Pure Matt 50 Tights which have also been reviewed at Hosiery For Men.

The Charnos 60 Denier Opaque Tights are great value at £5.15. I have bought several pairs of these over the years and the fit is always excellent. These tights are available in a range of colours, including shades that will be popular with men such as Black, Chocolate, Navy and Grey.

At Hosiery For Men I am keen to explore styles of tights that would be smart and fashionable for men. Ribbed tights look good under trousers and are a good choice instead of socks when it's colder. These Calvin Klein Ultra Fit Full Coverage Rib Tights are a new style for me, but look just the ticket.

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