Sunday, 24 June 2012

Gerbe Satin 20 Denier Men's Tights - Last chance to get them?

It is a huge disappointment that Gerbe are discontinuing their line of men's tights. There seem to be very few pairs left for sale, and when they are, the full range of sizes and shades tends not to be available.

Anyway, Hosiery For Men has spotted a bargain for readers.

The Gerbe Men Satin 20 Denier Tights are available with a terrific 40% discount from Stockings HQ, a leading UK tights and stockings retailer. Normally retailing for £34.95, they are now available at just £20.95. The Beige Dore shade is the only one available but all sizes are in stock (small, medium and large).

These are luxurious French 20 denier sheer tights designed exclusively for men. They have a matt finish with a comfort waistband and front opening, especially designed for the male anatomy. They have a subtle reinforcement of heels and toes, and a high Lycra 3D content (18%) for the ultimate stretch and comfort.

I already own a pair of these and they are a superb product. This might be your last chance to get some before they completely disappear.


  1. Hi
    It is a sad loss to see the end of Gerbe mens tights...

    A bit of good news is that Knittex are coming out with some outstanding range of mens tights...

    A bit more info here on this blog...
    You will have to cut and paste into goole translate to read it in English

    Take Care


  2. HI Carl

    Thanks for the information on Knittex. This looks like a very promising development.