Friday, 22 June 2012

Men in Tights: The Truth About Men Who Wear Pantyhose

Men in Tights: The Truth About Men Who Wear Pantyhose - this is the title of a recent fascinating and informative article by the style expert Bridgette Raes.

Style expert Bridgette Raes

In the article Bridgette explores the emerging trend of men wearing tights (pantyhose in the USA) and how frequently this is not only misunderstood, but also laughed at and ridiculed.

Bridgette discussed the issue further in her radio show where she interviewed two guests, Rob Stephenson and Kevin Wright, two men's legwear wearers, to gain a better understanding of some of the reasons men wear tights. 

Bridgette deserves credit for the open and non-judgmental way she explored the issue with Rob and Kevin and the way some of the prejudices and stereotypes of men wearing tights are challenged.

Men wear tights for many reasons including for warmth and also for leg support, and in some cases for help with circulatory problems. Of course, many men also wear them because they like them. Bridgette also acknowledges that tights were originally a menswear garment, long before they became popular with women.

The radio show can be heard here:

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  1. I wear them for the look the feel and the support and warmth. Just like wearing them

  2. I wear tights for the warmth the support and the feel wear many brands and colors

  3. I wear compression pantyhose for edema following knee replacement surgery. I also like the feel and the circulation for my legs. Keep me warm. Also like regular pantyhose.

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  5. I just wear support , warmth, feel and the way they make my legs look and because I love to wear them