Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New Doyeah support tights for men

The Legwear4Men store has just announced that they have a new range of Doyeah support tights for men in stock.

These are the first 'true' support tights from Doyeah; they are made from 90 denier fabric, comprising 69% Nylon, 31% elastane, and have a convenient male 'pouch'. They come in one size, which the manufacturer states will cover heights of approx160-185cm (5' 4" - 6' 0") and hips of approx 80 - 110cm (31" - 42"). They are available in Beige (Skin-tone), Grey and Black.

Both styles retail for £8.99 per pair.

The range includes the 0306 Men's Footless Support Tights and the 0118 Men's 90D Footed Support Tights.


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  2. I think Doyeah's new support tights with "male pouches" are wonderful additions. I'm glad they're made of thick, opaque 90 denier legs. I would, however, like to see Doyeah (or any other hosiery manufacturer) add crotchless opaque tights to its line.

    Currently, Doyeah offers its crotchless styles (0868 and 0358) only in 10 denier legs. This is very sheer and very attractive. But I'd like to see crotchless styles in a 40 denier ("semi-opaque") or higher denier leg.

    I've Googled "crotchless opaque pantyhose," or some such, and I've found nothing. Doyeah has a chance to be the first to offer such hosiery. I'd buy a dozen pairs as soon as Doyeah offers them.

    Thanks for reading.

    Mr. Tites

  3. I bought both the 0118 and 0396 and am thrilled with the style and compression these offer - BUT - half way through the day I found both pair pulling apart at the seams. I am 5'7", 160 lbs and 32 waist (well within range). I also found them sliding down more often than I like. These are as slick as glass. Anyone else with a similar problem?

    1. YES,
      about the Seams.The rest is Perfect.
      Not much Sliding Down at all.

  4. I have ordered my first pair of Doyeah stockings through legwear for men on January 10th have not received them yet see alot of your brand I still would like to order I think this is a great brand and styles I would love to order more but have not received my first oder