Monday, 9 July 2012

Reviewed: Tesco Velvet Touch Opaque Tights

A few weeks ago I visited a branch of the UK supermarket chain, Tesco. The particular branch I went to was a 'superstore', an enormous complex quite different to the small Tesco supermarkets and branches of Tesco Metro that are everywhere in the UK.

I was quite surprised to see such a decent selection of hosiery on sale, including Tesco's own F&F clothing brand.

I bought a pair of the 140 Denier Velvet Touch Opaque Tights.

Materials and features

These tights are packaged in a simple card enclosure - one is able to feel the material without opening any packaging.

The 140 Denier Velvet Touch Opaque Tights are made of 95% Polyamide, 4% Elastane and 1% Cotton. They are manufactured in Turkey and are part of the F&F range.

The microfibre fabric is quite heavy and as you would expect these are quite thick tights. The fabric is soft and has good stretch.

The opacity is deep and generally even, although I noticed a little streaking in places. The tights are sheer to waist apart from a transition band at the top of the thigh. There is a cotton gusset.

Seams are flat and there is a wide and comfortable 3cm waistband.

Fit and sizing
The Tesco 140 Denier Velvet Touch Opaque Tights are available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

I tested the Large size which according to the information on the packaging fits up to 5'10".

I would say that I was pushing at the limit of the sizing. The fit was good but really quite tight, especially in the brief, which was also slightly lacking in depth. The snug fit helped the tights stay in place.

I was disappointed that the fit wasn't a bit better as these tights are very well made and the fabric used is good quality. I think they would be quite robust and wear well.

I might give the Extra Large size a try next time to do a comparison.

Colour range

These tights are available in two colours: Black and Blue.

I tested a pair in Black.

Price and availability

The Tesco 140 Denier Velvet Touch Opaque Tights are available from larger branches of Tesco and can also be purchased online.

The price was an extremely reasonable £4.00.


This is the first time I have tested and reviewed tights from Tesco.

Although these were slightly on the small side for me and not the best fit, these are actually very good quality tights. The features and quality microfibre fabric used is similar to what one might find in more expensive tights.

If you are a guy who is smaller than 5'10" I would give these a try. They would be a very good opaque tight for colder weather and at the price, a bargain.


  1. These too are my favourite tights at the moment. I am 6'7" and use the XLarge ones which fit just fine and stay up. I particularly like the good opacity and the snug feel they provide. They have a slight sheen and the weave is very fine which adds to the attractiveness. I wear them all day every day and are very comfortable long term. Enjoy...

  2. I too have purchased a good few pairs of these tights. In fact they used to be offered in brown, grey, red and purple as well as the black and navy blue. I'm a male of average build about 5' 10" in height and I found the large ones to be a very comfortable, good, fit. I like to wear for masturbation purposes as well and I found the material very sensual. I would recommend these tights to anybody who enjoys wearing.