Thursday, 30 August 2012

Reviewed: Penti 200 Denier Bamboo Tights

I have previously reviewed several styles of tights made by Penti, a hosiery manufacturer in Turkey. I have three more styles to review from the large range of samples that Penti kindly provided me with. When all the reviews are complete I will post links to all the reviews of Penti products.

This review is of the 200 Denier Bamboo Tights.

Materials and features

The 200 Denier Bamboo Tights are part of Penti's Classic range.

Penti describe these tights as "thick, 200 den, soft, natural antibacterial, bamboo tights."

The fabric used is 55% viscose, 40% nylon, 5% elastane.

In appearance these tights look quite like wool tights, with a similar, less dense weave.

They are sheer to waist, apart from a wide reinforcement band just below the brief, although this is not very visible when worn.

The tights have a cotton gusset and flat seams. The waistband is 3cm wide, and with good elasticity. The brief section has excellent depth.

In appearance they are almost completely matt. When worn under trousers they look similar to black wool socks.

Fit and sizing
The 200 Denier Bamboo Tights are available in four sizes : 1 (small), 2 (medium), 3 (large) and 4 (extra karge)

I tested the size 4. The fit was excellent and the tights have plenty of stretch.

Colour range
The 200 Denier Bamboo Tights are available in seven shades: 
  • Stone 
  • White 
  • Anthracite 
  • Black 
  • Antique Blue 
  • Sand 
  • Chestnut 
I tested a pair in black.

Price and availability

The 200 Denier Bamboo Tights cost $21.90 from the Penti USA store.

There is currently no pricing information on the main Penti website.

Penti tights are available from their Turkish stores and their network of international outlets.

The Penti store in the USA, is at 9 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.

For other enquiries about purchasing and shipping it is best to contact Penti directly.

The 200 Denier Bamboo Tights are very soft and warm opaque tights. They were really comfortable to wear and are very soft against the skin.

These tights would be a great choice in cooler weather for an additional layer under trousers.  As mentioned already, they look like wool socks when worn so no-one will be aware that you are wearing tights.

Look out for the forthcoming reviews of the Penti Mikro 200 tights and Extra Cotton Tights.

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