Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Spotlight on The Leg-Care Company

There is now much better awareness of some the benefits of tights for men, particularly of how they can provide leg support for men who are standing all day or stationary at a desk. Tights with support can provide relief for tired and aching legs.

Support hosiery is widely available, and many of the leading men's hosiery retailers, such as Activskin®, provide a wide selection in sheer and opaque styles.

Some doctors also prescribe compression tights for men for the treatment of various medical conditions. Many sportsmen and women also use compression tights for recovery from exercise and to improve performance.

On of the leading support and compression hosiery retailers in the UK is The Leg-Care Company. I recently interviewed David Thickpenny of the Leg-Care Company and am pleased to now publish this on Hosiery For Men.

The Leg Care Company has been providing a service for 18 years according to your website. Can you tell Hosiery For Men readers about the company?
We are a small family business started by my wife in 1994. Originally we only sold support hosiery but over the years compression hosiery has assumed a far greater importance.

You specialise in support and compression hosiery. What are the particular benefits that this type of hosiery provides?
Support hosiery helps to relieve tired and aching legs as well as to prevent the development of conditions such as varicosity. Compression hosiery is generally medically prescribed to alleviate conditions that have already developed.

Do you feel that men who are standing or sitting for long periods can benefit from support and compression tights?
Without a doubt support and compression hosiery can be of benefit to anyone who spends long periods of time relatively immobile. More information on the benefits of support is available on our website.

It is becoming much more acceptable for men to wear tights these days. There is even a great deal of media coverage about 'mantyhose'. Is this trend being reflected in more interest in the products you sell?
We have very few enquiries for men’s tights. The majority of purchases are for below-knee products (80%) and the balance is for thigh-length grip top products.

Do you sell support and compression tights made and designed particularly for men, or are most your products unisex?
We have a wide range of hosiery specifically designed for men manufactured by Sigvaris, Lloveras and Venosan. Sigvaris have unisex products that appeal to both sexes including the Sigvaris Cotton 200 tights.

Sigvaris Cotton 200 Tights

Are men an important part of your customer base?
Although at the moment our sales to men form only a minority of our business we have noticed that this is one of the faster growing markets and it is becoming increasingly important to us.

What products are men buying? 

The majority of our sales to men are for below knee products. Thigh length products are indicated for some conditions and in a small number of cases tights might be most appropriate.

Are there any tights that you would particularly recommend men try to relieve tired and aching legs? 

We are introducing a new Solidea range from Italy that includes tights designed to prevent tired and aching legs. These will be on our website in the near future.

We will have 'Panty Plus' (down to the ankle) and 'Panty Contour' (down to just above the knee) in stock.

 Solidea Relax Unisex 70 Knee Highs 

Solidea Panty Plus

Solidea Panty Contour

What kind of support will male customers receive if they need help with choosing a product? 

Generally we advise customers to consult a medical professional first if purchasing hosiery with a compression greater than 14mmHg for the first time.

Once this is established customers can contact us by phone or email and we are happy to discuss the various products available, including composition, appearance, colours and sizes and whether knee-high, thigh length or tights is most suitable.

Many thanks for talking to Hosiery For Men. I hope readers can visit The Leg-Care Company and tale a look at what you offer.

Thanks. It is good to know that someone is making men aware, as it isn't just women who develop leg problems.

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