Friday, 16 November 2012

Just arrived: Aries 60 denier men's tights and 140 denier support tights

The Czech hosiery manufacturer Aries have sent me several samples to test and review. These are:

The Micro Goldwear 60 denier men's tights.

The Avicenum 140 support tights

Reviews will be published soon.


  1. Are the Avicenum tights for men? The picture on the package probably means they aren't... Can't find mens tights on their website. Only knee-highs.

  2. From what I can work out, the Avicenum tights are marketed by Aries at men as well as women. Men's tights retailers such as ActivTights also market these as support tights suitable for men.

    It's true that there are no links to men's tights currently on the Aries website.

  3. Have you ever tried Fiore hosiery?
    However, looks like they make everything for women or kids, but nothing for men.