Sunday, 4 November 2012

Spotlight on Bootights®

At Hosiery For Men I like to make readers aware of new trends in hosiery that would be of interest to men. Well, to women also, as many readers of this blog are women.

I recently became aware of an innovative new product, Bootights®. Quite simply, Bootights® are tights with a sock attached.

After a successful launch in the USA, with a huge amount of publicity, Bootights® are now available in the UK.

It was a pleasure to be able to interview Joanne Darbost of Coco Bliss Ltd, the online retailer of Bootights® in the UK at

Can you tell Hosiery For Men readers a bit about Bootights®? What are they and what is unique about them? 

Bootights® are the first tights that have been designed specifically for boots - the quality tights have a premium performance sock integrated into the design. The sock portion helps to stop toes slipping, eliminate cold feet and blisters and provide warmth, comfort and durability to the tights.

As the sock portion is made of moisture wicking yarns, the feet can breathe as they are kept dry and odour-free. The cushiony sock is sculpted to fit and has arch support.

Since being introduced in the UK and Europe has there been a high level of interest in Bootights®? In the USA they have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and have enjoyed a great deal of media coverage. 

Yes we are now in the preliminary stages of launching Bootights® in the UK and in addition to being available through our own site, Bootights® are now sold through two of the leading UK online hosiery retailers. We have also just dispatched a first order to a new stockist in Paris. We have had media coverage in The Lady, ‘All In London’, The Sock Shop and Daily Mail Online and have been featured in the leading Trade publication Lingerie Buyer.

Oprah thought Bootights® were “revolutionary, like the Spanx movement” and named them one of her ‘must have’ fashion items. It is now our role to introduce Bootights® into the UK, so that consumers are aware such a unique concept and design in hosiery is now available.

Most men who wear tights do so under trousers, and might also wear a sock over the tights so that the tights are less visible. Do you feel that the unique features of Bootights® may offer any advantages to men wearing tights this way?
Whilst Bootights® offer a selection of fashion styles called Metro Chic, there are two ranges of plain styles which would appeal to men: the Core range which are semi-opaque and available in jet black, chocolate brown and heather grey with a calf-height sock, and an ankle-height sock version in the black only. For added luxury and comfort, there is the Luxe opaque range offering a choice of either jet black or charcoal grey.

The performance sock with its contoured comfort, cushioning and moisture-wicking properties would hold definite appeal for male consumers, as the tights themselves offer the warmth required but with the added and unique benefit of integrated socks for the feet. If the wearer worked outdoors or played sport, the sock would provide excellent comfort, warmth and durability in work-boots or under sports clothing such as skiwear.

The fine quality of the tights ensures maximum comfort and provides a smooth look under trousers, with their non-binding waistband and flat seams.

Semi-Opaque Ankle

Can you say something about the sizing options available for Bootights®?  

Bootights® are available in 4 size options A,B,C and D - up to heights of 6', weight 13½ stone and size 9 shoe (approx).

Have you had any enquiries from male customers about Bootights®? 

Although we are new to the market, interestingly yes we have, even in these early days and I personally received an email today from a guy who had read this week’s Lingerie Buyer feature, loved the concept and who then purchased the Core semi-opaque option for himself this afternoon!

There has been a huge amount of media coverage of 'mantyhose' (tights for men) in recent months. What are your thoughts about the greater visibility nowadays of men buying and wearing tights?

Why not? It makes perfect sense that men would want to be comfortable and warm in winter months as much as women and the more that men are seen to purchase for their own use, the more companies will design options particularly suitable for guys.

What particular styles of Bootights® are selling well? 

The Core range of plain colour semi-opaques are always popular, but now that Winter is upon us and we are coming up to Christmas there is increased interest in the Metro Chic fashion styles, not just for daily wear to the office, but also for parties (including calliope argyle, fishnet and burgundy-seamed options) and as the perfect and original ‘stocking present’. The beautifully soft Luxe opaques also become increasingly popular at this time.

Luxe Opaque Jet Black

Metro Chic Flannel Pinstripe

What kind of service will male customers receive at the UK Bootights® store? Do you welcome enquiries and requests for advice?  

Absolutely. At this time the full range is stocked online at so we would be delighted to receive further enquiries from male customers and if they would like to email us either on or to our main company, we would be delighted to help. 

I would also like to offer Hosiery For Men readers a 10% discount when purchasing through The code 'gift' needs to be entered at checkout.

What can we expect in the future at Bootights®? Is the range or styles going to expand? Are there any plans to develop or market the product to men also? 

New styles will be available next year, with planned developments for specific styles geared towards the sports/leisure sector such as base-wear for hiking/ under skiwear etc. We are obviously monitoring interest from men both here and in the US, so hopefully men will let us know of their interest in Bootights®.

Thanks Joanne for speaking to Hosiery For Men. 
Bootights® are really an exciting concept and I hope that readers of this blog visit and take a closer look at the products. Do keep us informed of further developments and new styles as they appear.


  1. 23 pounds for a pair?!? R u joking?? Its cheaper to buy around 6 pairs of tights + socks for these money in Primark.

  2. I am sure you can buy that quantity from Primark Anon, but what kind of quality would you get? Good quality costs as anyone who buys Falke or Wolford tights would confirm. Better hosiery brands have better sizing, a superior fit and will last much longer. That to me is better value.

    The sock part in Bootights is also not just 'a sock', but a perfomance sock made with high quality yarns.

    This is not a garment that has been mass produced in China, but made to a high specification in the USA.