Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Football players, cold weather and tights

The media in the UK seem to be on a roll this week with stories about men wearing tights.

After all the publicity and discussion about 'meggings' or leggings for men, the Daily Mail has now published an article written by the former Watford, Liverpool and England player, John Barnes.

John Barnes reveals that the main reason for wearing tights in cold weather was, wait for it, to keep warm.

It's time to reveal a secret. I may have been the first man to wear tights during the Premier League era but it had nothing to do with reasons of fitness.

Quite simply, I wore those leggings for one, simple reason: to keep myself warm. It had nothing to do with keeping my hamstrings protected or to prevent muscle strains. All I wanted to do was protect myself against the elements.

Although taking hot baths before kick-off used to help with raising his body temperature, John Barnes reveals that: "...when I got the chance to wear tights, I took the chance."

The tights that Barnes wore were purchased from the fashion chain C&A.

And don’t think they were specially made for me, either. I’m sure now that all the sports manufacturers are producing leggings that cost hundreds of pounds but mine were nothing as flashy. If I remember rightly, mine came from C&A!

It's great than a mainstream and pretty famous sports figure has revealed what many men know already - that tights are very practical and comfortable in cold weather.

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  1. Good for you, John! Many men, including me, wear them for those days of cold weather and, I will admit it, for the support. I'm pushing 60 and though I'm still the same weight as when I was in high school (I am not lying), my legs are not in the same shape (lol). Tights really help a lot. I appreciate you coming forth with something that should no longer be viewed as some sort of fetish. Bull! It's really very practical to wear tights under your jeans, dress pants, etc., even wearing them under your thermals. Oh, one more thing. They feel great.