Sunday, 2 December 2012

Reviewed: Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Tights

The online hosiery retailer Slinky Pins sent me a pair of Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Tights to review.

You can read the Hosiery For Men feature on Slinky Pins and interview with owner Karen Goldstraw.

Material and features

The Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Tights are attractively packaged in a robust card sleeve. The tights are folded around a piece of card and then enclosed in a cellophane bag.

According to Slinky Pins, these tights are:

"Knitted with high quality yarns...the Ultra Shine range also have additional stretch yarns for comfort and fit, and are finished with a touch of silk to help moisturise the skin during wear."

The tights are made from 86% Nylon and 12% Elastane and 2% Cotton.

The tights looked really quite long in the leg once removed from the packaging - that is always a good sign.

The Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Tights are completely sheer to waist. The heels are shaped and there is some light reinforcement in the toes.

The brief has a cotton lined gusset. Seams are flat throughout. On each side of the seams in the brief there is a narrow reinforcement strip. The 2.5cm wide waistband is comfortable and provides good support.

These tights seems quite robustly constructed, despite being only 10 denier.

Despite being named Ultra Shine, I found that these tights did not have an overly glossy appearance.

Fit and sizing

The Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Tights are available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

I tested a pair in Large.

The fit was very good and the tights stretched easily to accommodate my 5'10" height.

The brief was deep, with plenty of room. It stretched comfortably over the waist.

I found these tights to be very soft, light and comfortable on the legs. They cling well but are not too tight.

Glide under trousers was excellent.

Colour range

Slinky Pins currently only stocks the Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Tights in Nude, the shade that I tested.

Aristoc also manufactures these tights in:

  • Black
  • Vaguely Black
  • Illusion
  • Bare Gold
I found that the Nude shade was almost invisible on the skin when worn, despite the slight shine on the fabric.

Price and availability

The Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Tights are available at Slinky Pins for £6.00.


The Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Tights are good value sheer tights. The Large and Extra Large sizes provide good length for taller men, and I feel they would stretch to slightly larger than the 5'10" indicated in the sizing information.

These tights would provide a light additional layer. The excellent glide makes them suitable to wear under trousers.

The price is a reasonable £6.00.

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