Sunday, 16 December 2012

Reviewed: Comfort4Men 40 Denier Men's Support Tights

I have featured Comfort4Men tights regularly at Hosiery For Men, reviewing several styles including:

60 Denier Luxury Men's Tights

70 Denier Opaque Men's Tights

80 Denier Opaque Men's Tights

Comfort4Men men's tights are made in Germany to the very highest standards. They are a high quality product specifically designed to provide an excellent fit and level of comfort for the male anatomy. Comfort4Men men's tights are definitely not women's tights repackaged for men, nor unisex tights.

Comfort4Men recently sent some further styles to review, including the C401M 40 Denier Support Tights. These tights are part of the wide range of tights with support sold by Comfort4Men.

Support tights

Comfort4Men state that their support tights are:

"characterized by a function that can prevent vein problems. Through the wearing of our tights a pressure is exerted that guarantees continuous massage from the ankles to the thighs. The pressure from the tights reduces the cross section of the veins, the valves in the veins are able to close once more and the flow speed of the blood is increased again. Through the improved return flow of the blood to the heart, the risk of blood clots and thrombosis is reduced.

"Our support tights feel like a second skin. They are produced on the most modern machines and from high-tech fibres. Their transparency and thus breathability are unique for their support function. It is unbelievable how strongly this lightweight, yet hard-wearing material will support you."

Choosing Comfort4Men tights

Choosing tights from Comfort4Men is always an enjoyable experience as the range of styles, features and shades is so extensive, and wider than anything elsewhere. As I have written previously, you can 'individually design' your tights using features from several variants.

When selecting a pair of the C401M 40 Denier Support Tights, there is a choice of low waist and high waist styles.

You can then choose to have the tights with or without a fly opening, as well as choosing whether the gusset in either Skin or Black colour. Lastly, there is a choice of sizes: 4, 5 or 6.

C401M Comfort4Men Pantyhose with support 40den low waist

C401M Comfort4Men Pantyhose with support 40den high waist

The style of C401M 40 Denier Support Tights I chose had the following features:

  • High waist
  • Colour: Light Brown
  • Gusset colour: Black
  • Fly opening: Yes
  • Size: 6

Materials and features
The C401M 40 Denier Support Tights are attractively packaged in a card enclosure that is protected by a cellophane sleeve.

The tights are folded around a card rectangle that is sits inside the card enclosure, which itself opens out like a small tray. It is all very neat and well manufactured.

The C401M 40 Denier Support Tights are made from 87% Polyamide and 13% Elastane. Being 40 denier tights they are semi-opaque in appearance.

The tights feel very light and the fabric is very soft on the skin.

Heels are shaped and the toes also have reinforcement.

The panty/brief is made from a denser fabric that is more like 60 denier. Seams are flat throughout and are superbly engineered. The brief has a rear comfort panel. The waistband is 4cm wide and very comfortable.

Like all Comfort4Men tights, the gusset and crotch area has been carefully designed to be comfortable for the male anatomy. The fly opening (should you chose for it to be included) is extremely well-designed and also easy to use. There is no need to fiddle about with the opening when going to the bathroom.

My preference is always for the high waist styles in Comfort4Men tights. These provide plenty of room and ensure the tights stretch well above the waist if required.

Fit and sizing

As mentioned above, the 40 Denier Support Tights are available in three sizes: 4, 5 or 6.

Support tights are designed to provide graduated compression: stronger support at the ankles and on the calf. Therefore one needs to put these tights on carefully and not rush the process.

The size 6 that I tested provided a very close and snug fit. Once on they seem to mould to the shape of the legs. One can feel the compression effect on the legs and the tights definitely provide a energising sensation. I tested them over two days: one day I was sitting mainly at my desk and the other I was pretty much out and about all day. The support provided was very welcome.

Glide under trousers is also excellent. These tights are ideal on days when you need some leg support and also a moderate level of insulation. Apart from that, they are simply extraordinarily comfortable to wear.

Colour range

The Comfort4Men 40 Denier Support Tights are available in four colours: Skin, Anthracite, Black and Light Brown.

I tested a pair in the Light Brown colour.

Price and availability
The Comfort4Men 40 Denier Support Tights cost €37.25 plus shipping. Shipping rates vary depending on the destination.

For countries outside of the European Union, German value added tax is not payable. This is removed automatically during the order process.

These tights can also be ordered from Shapings, the Canadian online hosiery store, where they are priced at CA $53.95.

The C401M 40 Denier Support Tights maintain the same high standard in design, quality and comfort that is evident through the Comfort4Men range.

For men who need a moderate level of leg support they would be an excellent choice. Even if leg support is not a core requirement, I would still recommend these tights for being so comfortable and great to wear.

Some people might think consider that these tights are somewhat expensive, however you will be buying a top quality product that has been designed for men and manufactured to the highest standards.

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  1. WOnderful review. Hope to get myself a pair soon.

  2. nice review indeed,i wish they release 20 & 15 den

  3. legwear for men isn't for me cause they are the same old drab colors they make for men