Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Reviewed: Silky 140 Denier Thermal Fleece Tights

Thighs the Limit is a hosiery store in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, which also has an online store. Many of their customers are men buying tights for themselves and they are keen to provide a good service to male customers.

As part of developing interest amongst passing shoppers, Thighs the Limit often has a man in tights outside the shop on Saturdays.

Thighs the Limit recently sent Hosiery For Men a sample of the Silky 140 Denier Thermal Fleece Tights.

Materials and features

The Silky 140 Denier Thermal Fleece Tights are packaged in a simple card enclosure.

These tights feel really thick and soft but surprisingly are not overly heavy in weight. They are made from 93% Polyester and 7% Elastane. The inside of the tights is lined with a very soft fleece, that is very warm and comfortable on the skin.

The tights are very opaque; the fabric having a dense weave.

Seams flat throughout. Toes are reinforced and rounded.

The brief/panty has a rear comfort panel. The waistband is a 4cm wide. There is a reinforcement band running around the top of each thigh, so the tights are not completely sheer to waist. However, when worn this band is really invisible and can only be seen on close inspection.

Fit and sizing

The Silky 140 Denier Thermal Fleece Tights are available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X Large. Not all colours are available in all sizes (see below).

Sizing information (Height):

Small: 4'10" - 5'6"
Medium: 5'0" - 5'8"
Large 5'6" - 5'10"
X Large 5'6" - 5'10"

I tested a pair in Large.

In terms of comfort, these were very nice tights to wear. Soft against the skin and warm without causing overheating. The brief/panty is generously proportioned and provided that extra space that is usually needed by a man.

Although the tights have plenty of stretch, I did find that they were pretty much extended to the limit of their length when worn by me. I am 5'10", yet the Large size only just fitted me. With a bit more length they would have been perfect. 

However if you are smaller than 5'10" I would still go for the Large size rather than the Medium.

I discussed the size issue with Thighs the Limit and they feel that with my waist size (36") the X Large size would be a better choice and would fit better. They report that the Large size have been a good fit for men slightly taller than me.

Colour range

The Silky 140 Denier Thermal Fleece Tights are available in three shades: Black, Brown, Wine and Grey.

I tested a pair in Brown.

The Brown, Wine and Grey shades are available in Medium, Large and X Large only.

The Black colour is available in Small, Medium, Large and X Large.

Price and availability
The Silky 140 Denier Thermal Fleece Tights retail at Thighs the Limit for £8.00.

This is a really good product. I liked the dense opaque fabric, the fleece lining and the deep brief. These are great tights to wear as an additional thermal layer of insulation. They would definitely keep you much warmer than traditional long johns. For men working outdoors in very cold weather or engaged in outdoor sports and other activities, these tights would be ideal.

For me, the Large size was just slightly too short in length for me, which meant they felt a bit constricted in the upper thigh area. For my height and waist size the X Large size would probably be better, and I would go with that in the future.


  1. How about finding tights that fit a 36" inseam

  2. Do you need some recommendations Anonymous?

  3. These are awesome tights. Great opaque look. Very soft texture which I love. I'm 6' 1" and the XLs were a perfect fit in both the crotch and leg length. Highly recommended!