Thursday, 14 February 2013

Spotlight on Lumen Tights: Part 2

I recently published the first part of an interview with the founder of Lumen Tights, Jurgita Preiksaite.

Lumen Tights are an online hosiery retailer, based in the UK. They stock a range of men's tights manufactured by the Bulgarian hosiery manufacturer TIM Legwear.

In Part 2 of the Lumen Tights feature, Jurgita provides more information on the TIM Legwear brand and discusses some of the features she looks for when stocking men's tights.

At Lumen Tights you stock the TIM Legwear brand of men's tights. This is a brand that we haven't featured or reviewed yet on Hosiery For Men. Can you tell us more about the brand and the TIM Legwear styles that you currently have on sale?
The concept of tights for men, especially as an everyday item, is still quite new when it comes to having a sizable customer base. When I was researching possible manufacturers there weren’t a lot of hosiery businesses dedicated solely to men's legwear. As you know, there are quite a few manufacturers claiming that their larger women's sizes will fit men, but that isn’t always the case. Men are built differently from women and some design changes are usually required. What is comfortable, healthy and meets the needs of a man is sometimes different from what women need.

My first acquisition of men's tights was aimed at testing the quality and features. I wanted to get as wide a variety of thickness - from sheer to opaque, from thinnest to thickest as possible. TIM Legwear offered exactly what I was looking for.

I use the same criteria when sourcing men's legwear products as for women: high quality, affordable pricing and a wide range of styles are my key requirements. When I ordered from TIM Legwear, I bought the full range of styles they manufactured. The TIM company representative was also very helpful and informative about sizing and other issues.

I look for the same features in men’s tights as I do for those made for women. Quality. Style and Uniqueness. Affordability. Quality is first and foremost in my mind. There is nothing worse than buying something only to have it fall apart after one washing. I always test every brand prior to putting it on Lumen Tights. I wear the women’s styles and my husband tests the TIM tights.

I also check to see if the tights still fit properly and look good after washing.

In relation to men's tights, I specifically look for a superior fit and durability. Men, by and large, are not accustomed to dealing with tights, so the durability aspect is really important.

Are there any other brands of men's tights that you are looking to stock? 

I’m always looking for new quality lines for Lumen Tights. I would like to add additional selections of workout tights and meggings / leggings for men and women in the near future.

Are there any brands and styles of women's tights that you are selling on Lumen Tights that you feel men might also like to try? 

As mentioned earlier, it was men purchasing the heaviest denier women's tights that prompted me to add tights from the TIM Legwear range. Since including men’s tights, we have expanded shipping availability to Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico.

Have you had many enquiries from male customers so far? What styles are they buying?
To date, the bulk of enquiries from men have been about warm tights for wear in cold weather.

To men thinking about trying tights, what would you say are the main benefits of wearing them? 
I think there are three reasons why tights have benefits for men. Firstly, health: tights provide leg support and can also improve circulation. Secondly, they can provide additional warmth when needed. Lastly, they can improve the fit of clothing.

What kind of service will male customers receive at Lumen Tights? Do you welcome enquiries and requests for advice?
 Men will get the same personalised customer service as women do. From the very start, superior and personalised customer service has been a core element of how Lumen Tights operates. I will personally answer every email.

I’ve answered questions ranging from fashion advice, to care instructions, to helping guys buy Valentine’s Day presents for their partners.

I spent many years in retail sales and management and I know how imperative top-notch customer service is. It really is very basic – without your customers being happy and comfortable you don’t have a business. Nothing makes me feel happier than when a new customer places an order and tells me who referred them to Lumen Tights.

Thank you very much Jurgita for speaking to Hosiery For Men. I hope readers have found the interview interesting and that they will check out Lumen Tights.

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  1. Nice to see some hosiery for mens. Interesting interview really and well described about the tights benefits.