Friday, 15 March 2013

Knittex men's tights now on sale

Knittex men's tights are now on sale via the Knittex website.

Knittex tights are made in Poland and we have extensively previewed the new collection here at Hosiery For Men.

Currently available are:

The 60 Denier Active Tights

The 30 Denier Smart Tights

The 100 Denier Sporty Footless Tights

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  1. Hi, Im waiting for the classic 20den sheer model. Have you any information about it ? Thanks.

  2. and Im waiting for the 60den-fishnet tights.

  3. Hi,do you know what happen for the tight model 20 den 'Dragon' from Knittex thank

  4. Knittex brand tights are great but men's one's lack a choice of colors. I prefer the women's Knittex tights better color choices and styles.