Thursday, 25 April 2013

Reviewed: Aristoc Ultimate 20 Denier Satin Tights

Tights Tights Tights, the shop and online retailer, sent me a pair of the Aristoc Ultimate Satin 20 Denier Tights to test and review.

You can still read the Hosiery For Men feature on Tights Tights Tights.

Materials and features

The Aristoc Ultimate Satin 20 Denier Tights are attractively packaged. The tights are folded around a rectangular card, which fits into a clear plastic sleeve.

This is then housed in a sturdy card envelope. The rear of this provides information on the product and sizing.

You can see that the packaging says that this style is 'Made In England'. That seems quite rare these days.

Aristoc provide this description:

'These beautiful and resilient tights add a sheer satin finish to complement your skin tone, the 20 denier leg has a polished leg look. Designed to withstand the knocks of your busy life, they are knitted with a revolutionary yarn that prevents holes turning into ladders, enabling you to carry on wearing them for the rest of the day."

The fabric is 75% Nylon, 24% Elastane and and 1% Cotton.

Although they are described as having a satin finish, I felt that they only had a very slight sheen, somewhat more matt in appearance. The fabric feels extremely soft to the touch.

The tights are sheer to waist, with sheer sandal toes. Seams are flat throughout.

The brief is commendably deep and features T-band reinforcement around the gusset, on each side of side of the seams and below the waistband. The waist band is 4cm wide, extending to 8cm if the reinforcement band is included.

Fit and sizing

The Aristoc Ultimate Satin 20 Denier Tights are available from Tights Tights Tights in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

I tested the Extra Large size.

I have been really impressed with the commitment Aristoc have shown to making larger sizes available in their premium hosiery. Styles in the Aristoc Luxury Opaque that I have already reviewed have all been spot with sizing for taller people and the deep brief would be very welcome for most men.

The Aristoc Ultimate Satin 20 Denier Tights provided a wonderful fit. There is plenty of stretch and the Extra Large size was perfect for me.

They were exceptionally comfortable in very respect. I loved the brief - Aristoc have really got this design spot on. The waistband in particular is superbly designed and helps keep everything in place without digging in.

Colour range

The Aristoc Ultimate Satin 20 Denier Tights are available from Tights Tights Tights in two shades: Black and Illusion.

I tested a pair in the Illusion shade. The appearance is slightly darker than shown in the photos above.

Price and availability

The Aristoc Ultimate Satin 20 Denier Tights are priced at £12.00.

Tights Tights Tights offer free first class UK delivery on all orders over £20.00


These are some of the best sheer tights I have ever tried. They are made with top quality fabric and superbly designed.

They get top marks for comfort and fit.

As we get warmer weather, sheer and semi-sheer tights provide comfort and warmth on cooler days. The Aristoc Ultimate Satin 20 Denier Tights would be a great choice. Give them a try.

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