Friday, 26 April 2013

Special offers on the Activskin A2019 Microfabric Full Support Sheer Men's Pantyhose and A535 Microfabric Light Support Sheer Men's Pantyhose

One of the most read posts on Hosiery For Men has been the feature on Activskin®, the legwear brand of G.Lieberman and Sons, Ltd. 

You can read Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview with Steven Katz, the Managing Partner at G. Lieberman and Sons, Ltd.

We have just received news of two great offers from Activskin: both the A2019 Microfabric Full Support Sheer Pantyhose and A535 Microfabric Light Support Sheer Pantyhose are on sale with a 25% discount until 31 May 2013.

A2019 Microfabric Full Support Sheer Pantyhose

Activskin Style A2019 is a full support sheer pantyhose that has some great features. The fabric has 36% spandex in it, which makes it very compressive (not medical hosiery, however) for those who want that level of support. Yet the control brief has plenty of room for comfort and will instantly reduce your waistline a bit. There is no fly, which keeps the cost down. The toe fabric is not compressive so you won't find the toes binding at all. The design really does achieve maximum comfort in a support style. If you like compression, you just won't want to take these off at the end of the day!

The Hi-Glide shiny fabric won't grab at cotton pants and denim jeans like other hosiery and the legwear stays in place all day long. The reinforced toe and the cotton gusset provide ample durability for many wearings. They're regularly $12.99, but they on sale for 25% off until May 31. They come in 3 colours and 4 sizes.

A535 Microfabric Light Support Sheer Pantyhose

The Activskin Style A535 sheer light support pantyhose has just 14% spandex, so they are not as compressive as full support hose, but they have more compression than other Activskin all-nylon styles. These are perfect for summer, as the very light weight, stealthy, matte fabric is ideal under shorts or slacks. These also have no fly, but the brief is non-control top and although it's not the same sheer fabric as the leg (which would make it sheer-to-the-waist) it is VERY transparent, hides nothing, and has a very open knit for maximum ventilation and comfort you'll love.

The sheer toes are perfect for wearing with sandals, too. They come in 3 colors and 4 sizes. At $8.99 regular price, they are also on sale with 25% off until May 31.

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