Saturday, 20 July 2013

Spotlight on sTitch Leggings

At Hosiery For Men we have occasionally featured and reviewed men's leggings, including footless tights styles. We were delighted recently when a new brand, sTitch Leggings, made contact. They are keen for Hosiery For Men readers to know more about the brand and also what is becoming a visibly popular fashion trend.

Hosiery For Men recently interviewed Tom Hunt of sTitch Leggings and we are now pleased to publish this feature.

Can you provide Hosiery for Men readers with some background information about sTitch Leggings? What is the history of the brand?
On the 28th of October 2012 two young city workers wore ill-fitting female leggings to a fancy dress party in north London. These two individuals alongside another mutual friend have now tasked themselves with designing, manufacturing and selling male leggings to the fashion conscious male.

Why did you decide to develop a range of leggings for men?
We feel good when we wear leggings.

We look good when we wear leggings.

We decided to develop a range of leggings for men to share this feeling with the world.

Did you undertake any particular research when planning the range?
Our research took the form of experimentation. Experimentation with our style, beliefs and sexuality. We each scoured the internet for interesting variations of the garment, ordered them and then performed multiple catwalks to astounded spectators at sTitch Leggings HQ in East London. 

Do you feel that leggings for men are becoming more popular?
Men are always looking for the next fashion step. Skinny jeans have been accepted as a wardrobe must have and we are just evolving the garment further, by making it better fitting with the possibility of unlimited design opportunities.

Do you know who David Beckham is? Of course you do.

Do you know who sTitch Leggings are? Of course you will.

When developing the range of leggings for men, what were the specific needs you took into account? Did you look carefully at issues such as sizing and fit?
We had to look at our meggings both in terms of style and practicality. Not only have we designed our leggings to fit your crown jewels, we also have added a pockets to fit all your treasures. We realised that (most) men don’t carry a handbag around so giving our leggings a pocket gave us the functionality of a pair of jeans, but the extreme skinny fit and funky designs that you can only get leggings.

Some men buy leggings and tights that are designed and made for women. What do you feel are the advantages of leggings that are made specifically for men?
This is the exact reason we even entered the leggings game. This is not a business for us but a campaign to get men in leggings designed for the male physique. It’s the ‘round peg in a square hole’ argument. You could ram it in there, or you could find the right size hole. By all means squeeze into a pair of womens leggings, OR, look great in a pair of our meggings that are designed especially for you.

How successful has the range been so far since you launched it? Are any of the styles selling particularly well?
What feeling do you think David got when he doing his victory dance on Goliath’s chest and urinating on his corpse? SUCCESS. Our success is probably equal to David’s if not greater than it. We’ve been fighting the homophobic monster that is Goliath along with the rest of the male leggings industry and we’re winning.

We have sold legging’s all over the world lots of repeat business and some going for the complete range. The best sellers for us have been the classic Logo design.

How can men buy sTitch Leggings? 

You may see sTitch’s advertised in a few areas/sites. We are often representing at Brick Lane Truman Brewery market. The easiest channel however is to visit

What developments can we expect in the future at? Are you planning to develop any new styles for men, such as men's tights?
We are currently developing a new range of designs set to come out later this year.

In terms of developments to expect, you can probably expect to see sTitch Leggings popping up in more retail outlets. Secondly moving towards being the number one supplier of men’s leggings in the UK and beyond. This will be followed by taking over the Arcadia group and then world domination. Only joking. Serious about the world domination bit though.

It's been great speaking to you Tom. Thanks for providing information about sTitch Leggings for the readers of this blog. I hope people will check out the website. Do keep us informed about any future developments as we would love to cover them here.

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  1. I find womens leggings fit me just fine and I can buy them anywhere for $10.

  2. I do the same thing.... womens legging have more colors, more shapes, and often very cheap....