Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Spotlight on UK Tights: Part 1

We are really excited to be able to publish an exclusive, full-length feature on UK Tights.

UK Tights are one of the leading online hosiery retailers in the UK and have always been extremely welcoming, friendly and supportive to men who are buying tights for themselves. There is a men's tights page at UK Tights, and the company is always looking for new products to add for male customers.

We recently spoke to the managing director of UK Tights, Dawn Barber.

In Part 1 of our interview, Dawn provides some background information on UK Tights and their growing number of male customers.

Can you provide Hosiery For Men readers with some background to UK Tights? When did you start the business and how has it developed? 

We started the business in Sept 2005 just six weeks after our baby daughter was born. We had amazing growth in our first 6 years with nearly 90% average year on year. Due to the recession the growth has tailed off a bit but we are still growing at around 15%.

It seems that UK Tights has always been very open that gender isn't an issue when purchasing hosiery. Was catering for men who buy tights for themselves always part of the vision for the business or did that evolve as it became clearer than men were also customers? 

It was always a part of our vision. Both Jonathan and I have always hated discrimination in any way shape or form. We are what we are and we should allow people to live how they choose to live. Who are we to say that men should not wear tights? They were wearing them before women I believe!

Are male customers buying tights for themselves now an important part of your customer base? 

40% of our business is to male customers. We don’t ask if they are for themselves or not; it’s nothing to do with us and it’s not an issue but they sometime volunteer the information and yes, there are a great many male wearers. There are people who wear them to look good, people who wear them to keep warm, people who wear them instead of underwear, so on and so forth.

Falke Pure Matt 100 Denier Opaque Tights are available from UK Tights

Would you say that that segment of your customer base is growing?

Yes, I think it is growing and this could be partly due to men realising that they are not the only men in the world to wear tights. Most fellas love the idea that they can do this with us openly and freely without fear of judgement or recriminations. Also, we are very discrete so if a man does not want any literature or emails then we offer this service.

Are there any particular styles of tights or brands that are popular with your male customers? 

Like our female customers, it’s very much down to personal preference. A lot of our male wearers like opaque tights as they are comfortable, warm, supportive and feel great against the skin. It really depends on what they are purchased for. Sheers are also a great favourite with many men.

Aristoc Opaque Cotton Sheen 120 Denier Tights are available from UK Tights

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this interview with Dawn Barber, managing director of UK Tights.


  1. Nice interview. I've been a satisfied UKTights customer for a few years. Great selection and prices, great special offers, and quick and reasonably priced overseas shipping. They're the first site I go to when shopping for hose online. I wish Dawn continued success!

  2. nice review,waiting for continue :)

  3. Great interview, can't wait for part 2 :)