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Hosiery For Men interviewed by

Hosiery For Men was recently interviewed by the Canadian-based blog say they exist to 'help you get all the information you need about mantyhose/pantyhose for men'.

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#1 – Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I have plenty of questions to you! What is your goal when creating your blog?

When I started Hosiery For Men there didn’t seem to be a blog that covered men’s tights and legwear in the way I wanted. There had been a legendary blog called Gerarden, that is sadly now defunct.

It provided reviews of the kind of tights that probably most men wear – tights that can be bought from supermarkets and department stores.

There seemed to be articles here and there, but nothing that provided regular reviews and news of the kind I wanted to read. So I decided to start Hosiery For Men.

#2 – Have you achieved some of the goals since it started?

Well it has been going for well over two years now and I feel that is an achievement. The blog has a pretty decent amount of content now, including a very large number of reviews and features. It is interesting to see that many of the older reviews and articles still get high numbers of page views.

I wasn’t sure in the first few months whether I could sustain enough content to keep the blog interesting and vibrant,. But I have been really surprised at how much there is to right about. I am constantly being sent samples for review, and there always seem to be new developments in the hosiery world to wrote about.

The blog also has a smaller readership of women, which is interesting. Well, Hosiery For Men reviews tights in probably more detail and more thoroughly than many similar websites aimed at women, so I am not surprised that they find it useful, especially if they are looking for information on tights for taller women or in plus sizes.

I am pretty sure that Hosiery For Men will be around for a good bit longer.

#3 – You have been interviewing many retailers and manufacturers. What is the global opinion and trend in terms of Mantyhose / Tights for men?

Well men have always worn tights. We invented them. One thing that is clear is that most retailers now realise that we are buying tights from them for ourselves and they need to take our needs seriously and provide excellent customer service. Online hosiery retailing is a crowded and competitive market and I don’t see how companies that want to be grow their share of the market can ignore men buying tights.

I have also learnt that although there are more and more men’s tights/mantyhose styles available, the quality isn’t always as good as it could be. Apart from Comfort4Men I have yet reviewed a men’s tights style that reaches the quality of say, Falke.

Also, many of the retailers and manufacturers of men's tights really need to up their game in marketing I feel.

For example, Hosiery For Men has a huge number of page views everyday, always in the high hundreds. It has a global readership. But some manufacturers don’t make contact or are really poor at communicating.

#4 – You are based in the UK, do you feel that Europe is actually one step forward in terms of acceptance of tights for men?

In the UK and other parts of northern Europe where we have cold winters, tights are definitely becoming more acceptable. There is also a growing trends of designers creating new styles and outfits for men, with tights incorporated. Check for more on this trend.

It is interesting that apart from the excellent US-based Comfilon/Activskin, nearly all the other manufacturers of men’s tights are based in Europe, and particularly in Germany and eastern Europe (Poland, the Czech Republic etc.)

That might say something about demand and developing trends. Both Wolford and Gerbe have also made men’s tights in the past, but have both sadly discontinued.

#5 – Do you believe that the day will soon come in the UK where you can find pantyhose for men at your local retail store such as Boots?

No, I doubt that to be honest. Retailing tights for specialised parts of the market is and will remain online I believe.

However, you can find good quality, inexpensive opaque tights in Boots, Marks and Spencer and other UK stores. Lots of men will continue to buy tights from these outlets, and if they feel the tights meet their needs then I am sure they will continue.

#6 – You have been reviewing hundreds of products for men and women. At the end of the day, what would be your top three brand recommendations for men to wear? (We are talking about comfort, and worn on a regular basis).

My top three brands would be:

1. Comfort4Men – expensive, but so well-made and comfortable. They have been designed especially for men. I would urge everyone to give them a try. They are an investment but if looked after they last for ages.

2. Comfilon/Acvtivskin – the best range of sheer and opaque tights for men available, excellent range of sizes and unbeatable customer service. Try their Thermofabric Ribbed Light Support Tights to see just how good men’s tights can be.

Falke. A brand made for women. But what’s not to like? Absolutely top quality products, great fit, wonderful range of styles and available in Extra Large sizes. In the 1970s Falke also made a range of men’s tights. They are fully aware that their women’s tights are very popular indeed with men and I think that’s why they ensure that the larger sizes provide a generous fit, because they know that men are buying them. To me Falke are genuinely a unisex product.

#6 – What would be your advice for large pantyhose manufacturers that don’t carry products for men?

My advice would be to either consider developing a product for men, or develop existing products so they are more explicitly unisex.

#7 – Why do you think brands such as Levee or Gerbe that made a line of products specific to men didn’t succeed?

I’m not sure as I haven’t discussed it with them. However, the bottom line will always be sales.

If a product doesn’t sell enough then it won’t be continued for ever.

#8 – Are you in a relationship? If yes, is your partner accepting the fact that you wear pantyhose?

Yes, I am and yes she is!

#9 – What are your plans for the future?

I am going to sustain the blog. There are plenty of new reviews that are nearly ready, including for a new range of men’s tights from Germany from a manufacturer called Glamory.

If any readers have further ideas for content I would welcome them.

There are also plans to start retailing a range of men’s tights. I don’t want to say too much about it at this stage but this is definitely something that is being actively considered.

Hosiery For Men is sustained by hosiery retailers and manufacturers who generously provide us with samples for us to review. Readers can also support this blog by clicking on any of the advertisements displayed and checking out the products on offer. Each time you do this you are making a valuable contribution, and help ensure that Hosiery For Men continues. Thanks for your continued support.


  1. Hi HosieryForMen

    Was glad to talk with you and not that I pretend to give all the information we need (men) about mantyhose but to be a place for discussion around the hosiery topic.

    Take care

  2. Just found this blog and want to say thanks for the effort, I know how much time these things can take.
    As a man, ( A Brit) Who has worn tights for more than 25 years, I miss the Geraden site and perhaps this will replace it as a info resource .
    I think many men are embarrassed to admit wearing tights, Therefore we all use nick names, Which in turn makes it all furtive, which in turn makes us embarrassed to admit wearing tights ................ And round and round it goes.

    As there are lots of pictures on the web of guys aroused wearing tights, We risk getting a sleazy image, but objective sites like this may help to give us some air of respectability, I certainly hope so
    I wear tights for warmth and comfort and tell people that I do. Reactions range from slight surprise, To no reaction at all.
    Thanks for giving us some reasoned publiciy

  3. Q: Do you believe that the day will soon come in the UK where you can find pantyhose for men at your local retail store such as Boots?
    A: No
    and this is sad to be honest,as i want to come to boots and buy usual sheer tights for myself w/o any embarrassment

  4. mantyhose never wore them I buy womens tights and pantyhose I think they are just as good