Saturday, 26 October 2013

Reviewed: Falke Cotton Rib Tights

I bought these Falke Cotton Rib Tights from the online hosiery retailer Luxury Legs.

Luxury Legs stock an impressive range of premium legwear brands including our favourites at Hosiery For Men: Falke, as well as Oroblu, Gerbe and Pierre Mantoux.

Materials and features
The Falke Cotton Rib Tights are simply packaged in a card enclosure that is wrapped around the tights.

The packaging provides information on the fabric and sizing.

The Falke Cotton Rib Tights are made from 80% Cotton, 18% Polyamide and 2% Elastane.

There is no information provided on denier, but when worn they look like 60 - 70 denier tights.

As you remove them from the packaging you can tell immediately that these are quality tights with all the usual attention that Falke pays to styling and detail.

The ribbed pattern, which extends from the brief to the toes, is interesting. The ribs are fine but also have a delicate pattern woven between each rib.

Opaque coverage is even throughout, with a matt appearance. Shine is minimal. The fabric feels smooth and comfortable to the touch.

Feet are shaped and include very high quality reinforcement at the heel and toe.

The brief is superbly constructed; perhaps the best I have yet seen on Falke tights. The material is denser and without the ribbed pattern. The rear has a wide comfort gusset that extends all the way to deep 6cm wide waistband. Seams are flat throughout.

The brief has really good depth, with the waistband sitting comfortably high above the hips.

Fit and sizing
The Falke Cotton Rib tights are available in five sizes: Small, Small/Medium, Medium, Medium/Large and Large.

I tested a pair in Large, which fit up to 5'11".

One needs to take some care putting these tights on to ensure that the feet fit snugly and the rib pattern is smooth and even.

The Large size fitted my 5'10" perfectly and the tights didn't need to be overstretched. One of the welcome features of Falke hosiery is the generous and accurate sizing, which make them a favourite choice of many men.

However, note that the sizing is very accurate. The Large size would not provide such a good fit if you are over 5'11". The fabric does not have a lot of stretch.

The waistband is one of the most comfortable we have ever tested at Hosiery For Men. It is wide, strong and provides excellent support without any digging in.

Colour range

The Falke Cotton Rib Tights are available in five shades:
  • Barolo
  • Dark Navy 
  • Dark Brown
  • Anthracite Melange
  • Black
I tested them in the Dark Navy shade.

Price and availability
The Falke Cotton Rib Tights cost £28.00 from Luxury Legs.

I first spotted the Falke Cotton Rib Tights on Falke's own website in the 'New' section. They do not appear to be widely available yet in the UK, but when I contacted Luxury Legs they were able to order them speedily. I have to say that the customer service was really first class, both professional and very friendly. The staff are very familiar with Falke products, so would be able to suggest alternative Falke tights if the Cotton Rib Tights were not exactly what you wanted.

The Falke Cotton Rib Tights are another top product from Falke. There hasn't been a single product from them that we have trialled at Hosiery For Men that hasn't impressed us.

I would imagine that some of you would wince at the £28 price tag for these tights. Yes, that certainly does put them in the premium bracket, but it's the quality you pay for. If looked after, these tights will last a season or more. 
One wouldn't, for example, also get the high quality heel and toe reinforcement in cheaper tights. 

The ribbed pattern looks very smart under trousers, and with no real shine would pass for socks.

If you want to try something different from ordinary opaque tights I would definitely recommend this style. If more conventional cotton opaque tights are more your style, then the Falke Cotton Touch Tights, available from Luxury Legs, are also strongly recommended.

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  1. Hosiery includes stockings, not just tights (or pantyhose if you speak American) and this male wears stockings for several reasons. Nylon tights make you sweat, like nylon pants, an can cause a skin infection. If one has a bladder infection the same goes. (Women suffering from Thrush or Cystitis are advised NOT to wear tights.) For medical reasons I wear both a Skirt and Stockings, and the arrangement is a darn sight more comfortable than tights.
    Can we have more discussion on Stockings please. I will happily review stockings I wear.