Monday, 30 December 2013

Hosiery For Men Best Of 2013 Awards: Part 1

As we approach the end of 2013, there is an opportunity to reflect back on the past year from a hosiery perspective. We have decided to create a 'Best of 2013' awards to provide some feedback and recognition to those brands and retailers that have particular impressed us over the year.

The award categories are:

  • Brand of the year: men's tights
  • Brand of the year: women's and unisex tights
  • Best new retailer
  • Best mainstream retailer selling men's tights
  • Best opaque tights
  • Best new brand: men's tights
  • Best new brand: women's and unisex tights
  • Best technical innovation
Here are the Hosiery For Men awards for the first four categories. Part 2 will follow tomorrow.

Brand of the year: men's tights

Winner: Comfort4Men

There can be only one winner: Comfort4Men. This brand just keeps on extending its fantastic range which already includes support, sheer, opaque, luxury, robust and warm cotton styles. In 2013, they added three new styles of footless tights/leggings.

Comfort4Men come out on top for their total commitment to quality and constant innovation.

Stay tuned for a major Hosiery For Men feature on Comfort4Men in the new year. They will also be launching a new products - you will read about it first here.

Brand of the year: women's and unisex tights

Winner: Falke

Falke were one of the pioneering brands in the 1970s who made men's tights. They are now one of the leading international hosiery brands with an unmatched reputation for quality.

Falke make a superb range of sheer and opaque tights. They are not marketed as unisex, but their generous sizing makes them the top choice for many men.

If anyone makes a better 100 denier opaque tight than the Falke Pure Matt 100 tights then we have yet to see it.

Best new retailer

Winner: Luxury Legs

Luxury Legs opened in 2013 and already has a deserved reputation for stocking high quality premium hosiery brands, such as Falke, Pierre Mantoux, Fogal, Oroblu and HYD.

HYD is a new brand in the UK and we were really impressed with the HYD Millenium 70 Denier Matt Opaque Tights when we reviewed them this month.

Luxury Legs provide excellent customer service. They are happy to discuss your needs and will also order anything that is not in stock.

Best mainstream retailer selling men's tights

Winner: UK Tights

UK Tights have maintained their commitment to provide a great service to both genders. In 2013 they revealed to Hosiery For Men that 40% of their business is to male customers.

UK Tights previously stocked the much-missed Gerbe and WoMan men's tights. Since the demise of both of those brands, they have worked hard to find new men's styles.

They now stock an impressive range of men's tights: the Maximus brand developed by UK Tights themselves, as well as the Activskin and Glamory brands.

Our interview with Dawn Barber, managing director of UK Tights, was one of the most popular features published this year on Hosiery For Men. You can still read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of our interview with Dawn.

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  1. I've been disappointed with Comfort4Men. Expensive and not better than other brands in my books. Comfilon are equally as good. So are Falke and Wolford.