Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hosiery For Men Best Of 2013 Awards: Part 2

Yesterday we published the first part of our 'Best Of 2013' awards.

Today we will cover the remaining four award categories:

  • Best opaque tights 2013
  • Best new brand: men's tights
  • Best new brand: women's and unisex tights
  • Best technical innovation

Best opaque tights 2013

Winner: Nylonica Linea Lusso Silk 70 opaque microfibre tights

In 2013 Stockings HQ launched the Nylonica brand in the UK. They sent us a number of Nylonica samples to trial, including the superb Nylonica Linea Lusso Silk 70 opaque microfibre tights. We were completely knocked out by the amazing quality of these tights: they have a smoothness and luxurious feel that is completely unique.

You can read our review for more information.

Best new brand: men's tights

Winner: Glamory

The German brand Glamory launched its first range of men's tights this year. The range includes classic sheer tights, two styles of support tights and 100 denier microfibre tights.

A lot of thought has clearly gone into the design of the range, which has been specifically created to provide optimum comfort and fit for men.

The Glamory range is available in the UK at UK Tights, TightsFashion and Stockings HQ.

Best new brand: women's and unisex tights

Winner: Nylonica

We were impressed with all the Nylonica styles that we trialled and reviewed this year. This is a brand of the very highest quality.

As well as the superb Linea Lusso Silk 70 opaque microfibre tights, you can also read our reviews of:

Nylonica Linea Lusso Silk 40 opaque microfibre tights

Nylonica Linea Lusso microfibre 20 tights

Best technical innovation

Winner: Oroblu Different 80 Opaque Tights

Stockings HQ are the first UK retailer to stock the new Different range from Italian manufacturers Oroblu. We were provided with a sample of the Oroblu Different 80 Opaque Tights and our review will be published shortly.

Here is Stockings HQ's description of the Different 80 tights:

"The Different 80 denier tights give you maximum opaque coverage, for day or night, but the ‘difference’ comes in the numerous enhanced features. A slimming waistband that doesn’t dig in, a brief that follows your figure and contours the torso, legs that are shaped to cling, an invisible toe with intricate stitching that won’t rub, and a foot that remains in position. In classic black, these sublime quality Italian tights are the height of style, and will fit like no other hosiery you own."

The award for best technical innovation is merited for the amazing waistband that Orbolu have created for these tights. We have never seen a wider or better designed waistband, that fits perfectly, doesn't constrict in any way and doesn't role over. This feature takes tights design to a new level. Well done Oroblu.


  1. I am starting to wonder if these male tights aren't just a marketing issue, trying to reassure a clientele that might feel uncomfortable buying "women's stuff" that it's still ok to wear them since they are now also made for men.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that tights should only be a women's garment, as I wear them myself, and history also proves otherwise. But I don't find that the male brands I've tried fit me better than the "women's" brands. Agreed I only tried the high end brands that my wife uses (Wolford, Falke, Kunert mostly).

    Being tall myself (2m), you would think that length would be the most important issue. Well, Wolford and Falke are long enough.

    I've tried Comfort4men and have been disappointed: the length is not better, the slide down as much if not more than the others, and one pair laddered very quickly. Ok, the boxer is nice, but for me it didn't do much else than telling me I was wearing something designed for men. Marketing??

    Comfilon are nice, but the toe area is not curvy and the seams are very apparent, making a bulk especially around the little toe.

    Tried Gerbe too, once on a plane, and they were a nightmare!!! Rolling so far down that at one point the elastic waist at the back was litteraly between my legs!

    So, apart from seing a guy on the package, I can't say that they fit me better than the "regular" brands named above....

    Would be interested to read your feedback on that!!

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  3. Thanks Anonymous. Interesting debate you hopefully have started here. I don't think any manufacturers consciously aim to mis-market tights so they are more 'acceptable' for men. At least that's not the impression I get.

    One thing I do agree with strongly is your statement that 'I don't find that the male brands I've tried fit me better than the "women's" brands'. That's certainly my impression also after trying a very wide range of high end brands. In general these brands provide a better range of sizing and the quality is often so good that most men's tights brands, with some honourable exceptions (Comfort4Men and Activskin), don't get anywhere near them. Falke are very impressive and their larger sizes are more than suitable for men. They used to make men's tights in the 70s, and I believe they have no intention of doing it again as their current range is perfectly suitable for men. And they are definitely aware that many men buy their products. I find Wolford to be great quality, but less good with larger sizing than Falke. Kunert I don't know well, but you will see I have just been sent some samples to trial. I have to also mention the premium Italian brand Oroblu - they are excellent. The Different 80 opaques I am currently testing (review published soon) are amongst the best opaque tights I have ever worn. I would also put a word in for the new brand Nylonica. Their Linea Lusso Silk 70 opaques are also superbly designed with quality fabric.

    I have found Comfort4Men to be excellent so far.

    1. Oroblu are too leg short for my wife, let alone for me!
      I really wasn't impressed with Comfort4men, must have been unlucky since you rave about them.

      Regarding the marketing, the best thing for men would be to have a very neutral package (like Fogal do apparently, have yet to try them). That way, no one would be stigmatized.

      My wish would be to find a 20-30 denier pair that could still pass as "male socks". I think the sheers or semi opaques feel much better than the thicker opaque ones, but clearly look too "nylony" to be male garments as society sees it today. Socks over tights are not the best. And I don't feel like answering potential questions on what would be seen on my ankles.

  4. I think it would be hard to find 20-30 denier tights that can pass as male socks. Perhaps going up to 40 to 50 denier that might be possible. However, Philippe Matignon make some nice matt 30 denier tights. I can post more details if you need them. I will review the Kunert Satin Look 20 tights soon. The Kunert Mystique 20 tights also might be a good choice for you as they are matt. Have you tried the Falke Pure Matt 20? They are spot on for length and matt appearance. Looks like they could fit the bill for you.

    1. Both the Kunert and Falke models you are mentioning look and feel great, but are too see-through to pass as socks (for my taste at least). I want to give the Fogal Opaque a try as they are classified as 30 den and semi-opaque... The Wolford Neon 40 are almost the best compromise so far...

    2. Try the Kunert Leg Control 70. Great length and not very see-through. I also recommend the Artistoc Leg Luxury 40 denier opaque. Very matt. Also excellent length in the leg. They are discounted in several places at the moment.

  5. Unless I go for the barefoot look with some skin color sheers....but that might require some hair removal first;)