Saturday, 17 May 2014

20% off entire Nylonica range at Stockings HQ

Stockings HQ are offering a fantastic 20% off the whole of the superb Nylonica range for one week only.

At Hosiery For Men we have reviewed several Nylonica styles including:

Linea Lusso Silk 70 Opaque Tights

Linea Lusso Silk 40 Opaque Tights

Linea Lusso Microfibre 20 Tights

All of these styles are recommended.

The Linea Lusso Silk 70 opaques in particular are simply incredible in every aspect and were garlanded with our Best Opaque Tights of 2013 award.

They are on sale for just £14.36, which is a great saving on the normal price.

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