Saturday, 10 May 2014

Interview with Rob SpeedKing Part 1

It's great to be able to publish a feature article on one of the most loyal and supportive readers of Hosiery For Men, Rob SpeedKing. Based in the USA, Rob SpeedKing is an active advocate for men's hosiery. 

I Interviewed Rob recently. In the first part of this feature Rob speaks about how he started wearing support hosiery and his preferred brands.

Can you tell Hosiery For Men readers about yourself?
I'm a married family man of nearly 20 years with two beautiful kids. 

I'm also a cable splicing tech for the local phone company by day and by the weekend, I'm show host, Rob SpeedKing of The Wake Up Dead Metal Show on along with being a well respected drummer in the Richmond, Virginia heavy metal music scene. 

I openly wear my hosiery and I try be a voice for men who wear hosiery.

Rob at the park in jet-black Hanes Alive full support hosiery

When did you start wearing tights (or pantyhose as you call them in the States)?
Right after I was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome in 2010. The meds I was taking to control it was too much for me to handle and was affecting my job. My doctor (and nurse practitioner; I got a second opinion) suggested support hosiery/ compression therapy as an alternative. I had an open mind and gave it try. For the first time in years, I was able to sleep and my legs were at their calmest. Since then, I've been wearing support hosiery daily and I do my best to incorporate the look with my style. It took a while before the family and I were comfortable with me wearing in the open.

Rob visiting a Civil War battlefield. The hosiery style is Sears Nice Touch Firm Support in jet-black

What are your favourite brands of pantyhose? Are there any brands or styles that you particularly favour?
I tend to favour brands that offer full support such as L'eggs Active Support and Sheer Energy (medium support), Hanes Alive full support, Activskin support hosiery and various opaque styles. I have recently rediscovered Sears Nice Touch pantyhose/tights since they changed their products for the better. I also like various opaque styles and colors (mostly darker colors) that I pair with my support sheers. I have recently been pairing glossier/thinner sheers with my supports sheers for a more bold/polished statement and look.

Do you think that the major US brands such as L'eggs and Hanes are aware that male wearers are a significant part of their customer base?
Oh, for sure! Problem is, they have yet to truly embrace the fact that men wear their products. They do acknowledge it from time to time. Just recently L'eggs acknowledged a few tweets that I made that praised their Active Support hosiery and how it helps me. They "starred" the tweets, but didn't retweet them to the general public.

I get asked why I still buy a product from a company won't acknowledge men or really cater to men. I say they have something I need and it's affordable. The more we continue to talk to them and tell how to improve their products, the more they may be willing to work with us.

On the other hand, more and more online retailers of hosiery have taken notice of us and are now offering recommendations for men and or sections of their site that are for men. How cool is that?! We are finally getting heard.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our interview with Rob SpeedKing.


  1. Awesome interview with my friend Rob! :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback Andreas. You will enjoy part 2 which will be published very soon.

  3. Were any of these American brands available as Stockings as I need a light grade support hose but only wear stockings.

  4. Prefer Hanes Alive. Downside is they are control top. Also like Hanes Hold Up's. Hardly notice they are on. Just found this site and will take more of a in depth look on wearing tights, etc..

  5. I wear many different brands of pantyhose and tights in a wide range of colors and styles love the feel the support the warmth on cold days and the way my legs look when wearing its just a article of clothing to me that I like wearing just not openly to much ridicule name calling which I don't need

  6. This is awesome thank you They are a great look with shorts and so comfortable