Monday, 12 May 2014

Interview with Rob SpeedKing Part 2

We recently published the first part of our interview with Rob Speedking, metal DJ and advocate for men's hosiery.

In the second part, Rob discusses experiences of buying tights and pantyhose, the benefits of wearing hosiery, and wearing openly as part of normal, day-to-day clothing.

Where do you normally buy your hosiery? Have you had any positive experiences when shopping for pantyhose?
I usually find L'eggs just about anywhere, but their Active Support pantyhose, I tend to find them at my local drugstore or Walmart (Asda in the UK). I generally find Hanes Alive at nicer department stores such as Macy's and Kohl's. Sears Nice Touch, of course, exclusively at Sears departments stores.

I have always had positive experiences when out purchasing hosiery. Usually the people at the store want to help you or are curious to know about why I'm buying hosiery. When they do ask, I am more than happy to educate them.

You frequently tweet about support pantyhose. Does support hosiery provide any particular benefits?
Yes!!! The compression and support they provide help with circulation and believe it or not, stamina! As a thrash metal drummer, I saw increased performance, endurance and stamina...not to mention quicker recovery! I also noticed that I can stay on my feet/legs longer without much fatigue. They also help keep my legs calm so that they don't shake so badly or be painful from inactivity or too much activity.

Rob at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C., wearing Hanes Alive full support in 'South Pacific' colour.

You are known to be a guy who wears pantyhose and tights openly as part of your day-to-day clothing. What has been your experience as a guy wearing hosiery openly?
Suprisingly positive! Many of my family and friends and quite a few of my co-workers know that I wear and wear openly. I have made it a point to be open about it because I have nothing to hide and do not care to hide it. As a metalhead, I have the "I don't give ****" attitude towards what others think. It's my health and my life. If I gotta wear for my health, let's have fun with it and fit it to make my style unique and comfortable. If someone has a problem with it…tough!

Rob wearing George brand opaque tights (navy colour) over support sheers

Have you any thoughts to share on the Hosiery For Men blog? Do you find it a useful resource for men who wear tights and pantyhose?
I find this blog to be a fantastic resource for men who are looking for great European hosiery. The only hang up I have is that most Americans find those brands a little out of reach or hard to find in stores and are stuck having to buy them online. Hopefully we can see more American styles and brands that are affordable and more accessable here in the future.

Rob, thank you so much for speaking to Hosiery For Men. We hope readers find your experiences interesting. It is always inspiring to read about guys who wear hosiery openly.

Hosiery For Men readers can follow Rob on Twitter at @djspeedking1.

Readers will also be pleased to hear that Rob will be contributing to the blog in the near future as a guest reviewer.

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  1. I wear tights and pantyhose but usually under leggings if I am out in public.