Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tights at Sainsbury's

Sainsbury's is the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom.

I recently visited a branch and was quite impressed with the range of hosiery on sale. Moreover, the quality seemed to have improved greatly with many opaque styles being Italian-made. Prices were very reasonable.

Here are a few images of the styles on I saw on sale.

I may trial and review some of these soon. Any feedback from readers would be appreciated.


  1. Huge variety of tights,stockings,not bad prices,but would like to see them in mens department as well.

  2. Unfortunately Sainsburys may offer a range of Tights, their selection of suspender stockings, is pretty thin. They offer about 3 variants of Hold Ups, which serious stocking wearers will not touch. I have worn a skirt and stockings in public for over a decade now, in some situations for a lot longer. Why, there are heath reasons, getting air to the man's personal parts, but also psycho-sexual reasons. As a child I was beaten at school on my bare buttocks in a manner that would now be deemed abuse. I wasn't a sporty team player, my mother kept my hair a little longer, and now in my fifties, skirt, stockings and sometimes a bra and reflects my personality.
    But can I get everyday Stockings that are comfortable, no. I accept that most women wear tights but many do like stockings in summer, but if only offered hold-ups, which either don't or are uncomfortable, and the latex cam cause an allergic reaction.
    I would encourage any man who needs to reflect his 'feminine' side to convert to stockings and suspenders. Suspender belt itself is a sensual garment with its four or more straps which gently rub your thighs and buttocks, and the the stocking tops as they settle similarly have a sensual feel.
    My former lady partners were stocking wearers, one found them highly sensual. Again she was tall and a size 14, so she too had problems with tights that did not come up to her crotch. As soon as she stated wearing stockings and suspenders, she felt much more comfortable, and fresher 'down there'. By contrast she was also a real tomboy and wore pinstriped trousers and high waisted jeans with braces. And she had the proper buttton on type to match mine.
    Before I started wearing a skirt, I often wore knee length shorts or breeks, they come mid calf with a cuff, with my stockings and suspenders. I think this is where this trend in the USA of men wearing 'Shorts and Pantiehose', there is a blog on Delphi Forums for this, to support men unsure about wearing tights.
    Fashion is moving to some men wearing 'Nylons' to use a 60s word, but this is primarily young fashion, not everayday wear for all. It is time we came to accept this change. And men in skirts too.but with socks or stocare sold kings?
    But what about getting them? Tights are to the fore, but I carried out an experiment at my local Sainsburys. I put the stockings at eye level but in a vertical row, so whether 6' tall, or a smaller woman at 5' 3" stockings were visible. I watched as I did my food shops twice a week and they sold, unil the branch could not get stock, and several lies reduced to clear! £1 or £1.50 for stockings. OK they were a 1 Size, so Medium to large, but simple. longer suspender straps. They have come back into stock, but always on the bottom row! They won't sell if customers can't see them!
    Tesco has stopped selling an excellent line in two sizes. Morrisons sell a similar one-size stocking at some branches, Wilko's refitted store local to me don't appear to have stockings any more. I can't find any at ASDA. Waitrose, depends on the size of the branch but usually none, but John Lewis stores do stock everyday stockings ar around £4.00 a pack. Two sizes and three colourways, but at a John Lewis price and definitely undersold.
    Go to the Mail Order sellers, they aren't cheap, but ladder a pair of stockings costing £7.99, is bad enough, but at £17.99 or even £27.99 makes one despair at the prospect! Opaque stockings are lovely to wear, but so difficult to obtain in shops locally.
    So if you want to strike out for yourself, get yourself a plain suspender belt, a pair of plain stockings, start with a light tan before you wear black, and wheter it is with shorts, a skirt or kilt, or any other garment you want to try, do just that!

  3. Further to my comment above, at my large Sainsburys, Harringay London N4, tghey have moved stockings and tights to a new section and it is literally between the Women's wear section and the Men's wear aisle. It was adjacent to their women's cosmetics and beautyproducts, though men's socks were there too.
    It will be interesting to see how long they remain at this location, but I must rearrange the stockings so they are at eye level.

  4. I love buying sainsburys tights, they have a large selection, good range of opaques and sheers