Sunday, 20 July 2014

NBA player Russell Westbrook launches range of men's tights

The NYMag reports, in a piece titled 'Tights Are Coming Soon to Men’s Legs Near You', that NBA player Russell Westbrook has released an exclusive collaboration with Barneys and Jordan that includes tights.

Here are some images from the collection. At $169 dollars a pair, I can't seem them flying off the shelves.

But some of the reactions are interesting and reveal almost a fear that tights for men will become more mainstream.

Erin Mayer at Bustle, for example, decries them as 'one trend the world doesn’t need', and suggests the rest of the range is okay apart from the tights.

Leah Rodriguez from the NYMag points out that: 'Although athletic tights are commonly styled under shorts, as seen on Westbrook in the look book, it's only a matter of time before they break into the wild as a fashion statement on their own.'

Where have these writers been? It's obvious that tights for men have indeed broken out and leading designers are already including them in their designs.


  1. If only I was in shape like the model. I like them but I agree, the price tag is too much for my pocket book. Will have to pass on these.

  2. skinny jeans + mens hosiery + man bags = sex change operation, bruce jenner style!