Monday, 21 July 2014

Reviewed: Kunert Leg Control 70 Support Tights

UK Tights are one of the leading online hosiery retailers in the UK. They have always catered for men buying tights for themselves and also have an expanding men's tights section on their website.

You can still read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of our feature on UK Tights and our interview with managing director, Dawn Barber.

UK Tights has previously highly recommended The German-made Kunert brand tights to Hosiery For Men and have indicated that they have been a popular choice with male customers. On their website UK Tights have this to say about the brand:

"Kunert is what you might call a designers' designer. In the leg wear world, Kunert is incredibly well respected, more so than nearly any other brand we know of. Their work is heralded amongst leg wear lovers as some of the best around. Their products feel like a second skin and you can tell they are some of the best quality items around. This is really what makes a designer truly great. Their work seems natural and effortless, but in fact, there's heaps of effort and consideration behind each and every pair of tights that Kunert make. One of our favourite and most loved hosiery brands."

Kunert is an international company with its headquarters in Immenstadt Germany.

Kunert was found 1907 and stands for an established history of success and tradition. You can read an interesting history of the Kunert company on their website.

UK Tights kindly sent us a pair of the Kunert Leg Control 70 Support Tights to review.

Materials and features
The Kunert Leg Control 70 Support Tights are nicely packaged. The tights are carefully folded around a central rectangular card, that provides some handy instructions on how to put tights on. Everything is then housed in the main card enclosure which then fits into a clear plastic envelope.

I was a bit surprised when I removed these tights from the packaging. Although they are called 'Leg Control 70' they are not 70 denier. In fact the denier is 38.

The quality of the tights is immediately apparent. These are clearly very well-made with attention to every detail.

In appearance they are semi-transparent with a slightly glossy appearance. They are sheer to waist, with flat seams. The central seam has a further 1.5cm wide reinforcement either side.

The waistband is 3.5cm wide and has a 2.5cm reinforcement strip/finger band running below it.

Legs are lightly shaped and toes are reinforced.

Sizes I to IV have a cotton gusset. The V size that I trialled has a rear comfort gusset.

The brief is extremely roomy and stretched comfortable above the hips and waist.

The fabric, which is 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane,  is very smooth to the touch.

These feel like quite strong and robust tights, built for plenty of wear.

Fit and sizing

The Kunert Leg Control 70 Support Tights are available in five sizes: I, II, III, IV and V.

I tested a pair in size V.

These tights have what is described by Kunert as 'graduating support in light support-class 8-10 mmHg'.

As you put the tights on you can feel the graduated support. It is stronger at the ankle and much less noticeable as they reach the knees and thighs.

The fit is really superb everywhere, both on the legs as well as around the thighs, groin and above. There is simply masses of stretch and once in place the Leg Control 70s stay there. The light compression is very relaxing and provides a pleasant toning sensation to the legs.

The brief is extremely roomy. The waistband is simply one of the best I have ever seen, and provides support without any digging in or discomfort.

These a wonderful tights to wear if you are on your feet for long periods. The smooth, shiny appearance provides a fantastic glide under trousers.

Colour range
The Kunert Leg Control 70 Support Tights are available in four shades at UK Tights: Black, Graphite, Cashmere and Teint.

I tested a pair in the Cashmere shade.

Price and availability

At UK Tights the Kunert Leg Control 70 Support Tights are priced at: £14.99.


The Kunert Leg Control 70 Support Tights are the first Kunert style we have tested and reviewed at Hosiery For Men. We were aware of Kunert's reputation for superior quality and absolutely were not disappointed on any level.

These tights are an example of the very best design and technical expertise, combined with form and function. Everything seems to be thought through to provide the best wearing experience possible. I can imagine that the designers at Kunert tested this design again and again, and made endless adjustments, until they were satisfied that the product was the best it could be. When you wear them you can simply feel this expertise.

Incredibly comfortable tights that also provide great light compression and leg support.

I am very eager now to check out more Kunert products.

Thanks to UK Tights for kindly providing the Kunert sample.


  1. Actually if you check Kunert's online shop, the Leg Control 70 tights are of 38 den. However their "Satin Look 40" is of 52 den. The names can be misleading. Thanks for the review!

  2. Thank you so much for this nice and detailed review and for your personal recommendation. We're very happy to read you have liked them. Kunert products are comfortable, good quality and, still, pretty designs. Price quality relationship is also good.

    Regarding the previous comment we have just revised the whole Kunert's range and we must admit it is completely right. We apologise for the misunderstanding. We simply assumed "Leg Control 70" would be 70 denim, as usual, but in this case we were wrong. We're currently checking all Kunert range and updating the right information. We have to thank you for letting us know.

    In this case, Kunert Leg Control 70's denim is 38. Thanks both to the wonderful blogger and the kind anonymous.

  3. Thanks for both comments. Much appreciated. I have adjusted the review so the information on denier is accurate.

  4. Would these fit upto 6 foot 2? I have trouble finding tights that are long enough as I have long legs. I have tried all sorts but to no avail.

  5. I feel that they would fir up to 6'1" as indicated in the sizing information. I couldn't guarantee that they would definitely fit taller than that. It would also depend on the shape of your legs and thighs. But this style definitely has plenty of stretch and might well accommodate your height comfortably.

    1. Thanks for your feed back, I will take this into consideration.

    2. I might wear them again and report back further.

    3. That would be brilliant! Thank you.

  6. What About The Kunert Fly And Care The Ones Lufthansa Flight Attendants Wear??

  7. Well, it would be great to try them also at some point.

  8. Hi,

    Regarding the Kuner Fly and Care 40 , just adding that sizes may be a little smaller but these tights are quite long. If you need further advice regarding sizes, feel free to write us an email to and we'll contact you asap.


    UK Tights

  9. The customer reviews of the Kunert Fly and Care tights are excellent. Of course men fly as well as women and can also experience similar health issues on long flights. I have never understood why 'flight socks' are promoted and recommended for men but not 'flight tights'!

  10. Thank you for your always well-written review. I know Kunerts tights very well. I've tried Leg Control 40 and 70 - and they're my favorites and frequently in my orders. I also wear Kunert Fly and Care. They're more durable than the Leg Control 70, and the compression feels a bit higher, but it should be the same as legcontrol 70. I can only recommend the tights from Kunert (FYI: I wear size 3 and I'm 5,8" and 75 kg)