Sunday, 21 September 2014

Men Wearing Tights Under Shorts

The Men Wearing Tights Under Shorts blog has recently been updated with some new images.

Tights Under Shorts is a blog dedicated to tights, pantyhose and other legwear for men. It aims at promoting a new part of men's fashion, shown frequently in runway shows.

The images collected in the blog show that this trend is becoming more and more mainstream.

Here are a few of the most recent images shared by the blog.


  1. I own several pairs of tights and leggings. I have only seen men brand tights online. Any chance of them going mainstream in US retail chains? Like the look.

    1. Highly doubtful outside of athletic wear.....

  2. I myself own over 400 pairs in different styles and most colors. Answer to your question some more expensive stores carry them but chain stores like kmart , Walmart etc I don't think will ever carry them not much demand for them they think

  3. i dont understand why woman laugh at men in pantyhose i dont under stand these people as uk tights sell them for men

  4. I only have them in black and gray.Where are thee orther colours