Saturday, 11 October 2014

Just arrived: Falke Cotton Touch Tights

I have just taken delivery of a pair of the Falke Cotton Touch Tights. I bought them as part of the Tights Please 25% off opaques 24 hour sale that took place last week.

I already have a pair of these tights in Black, but I like them so much I needed to get another pair.

I ordered a pair in the dark brown Cigar shade in XL size.

You can read my earlier review of this Falke model.


  1. Falke is a great brand. But in my opinion Wolford has the edge for one simple reason: if you're tall and slim, the rear comfort panel from Falke in XL becomes an discomfort rear panel. XL from Wolford doesn't have that panel...

  2. Good point Anon. But I love Falke and the quality is so good that the rear panel isn't an issue. However full marks to Wolford for making XL sizes without one.