Thursday, 18 December 2014

Oroblu Different Tights now available at UK Tights

Some great news to share today: UK Tights have the Oroblu Different tights collection in stock.

Launching the range today, UK Tights say:

'Oroblu have launched a collection of items that have been in development for a few years now, longer than most collections would ever be. But this small ensemble of tights, just three in total, are absolutely magnificent. Oroblu Different are a range of tights where the fit is what is important. They have redesigned, from scratch, the way tights are made and have created a new gold standard of leg wear. They fit you better and are more comfortable, than any other tights they have ever released, no matter your body's shape.' 

The range consists of:

Oroblu Different 15 Tights

Oroblu Different 40 Tights

Oroblu Different 80 Tights

We have already reviewed the Different 80 tights at Hosiery For Men and found them to be a very high quality opaque tights, with a great fit. The waistband is innovative and one of the best we have ever seen.

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