Monday, 15 December 2014

Reviewed: SmooFit 80 denier men's tights (02224-532, 2013 model)

We recently provided Hosiery For Men readers with news of a brand of men's tights from Japan, SmooFit Tights

You can read Part 1 and Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Tom Tamai of NAIGAI, the company that makes SmooFit tights.

We have also previously reviewed the SmooFit 80 denier men's tights, although that review was of the 02224-502 (2012) model.

NAIGAI sent us a sample of the newer, improved 02224-532 (2013) model of the 80 denier tights and this review will focus on that.

Materials and features
As mentioned in a previous review, NAIGAI have created superb packaging for the SmooFit tights. The tights are folded around a long, white rectangular piece of card. They are then housed in a card enclosure, that folds to form a kind of rectangular box. Everything is then wrapped in a clear cellophane envelope.

The packaging provides a great deal of product information in Japanese, including a handy diagram and instructions on how to put the tights on!

Although the product is clearly presented as 'SmooFit tights', the word's 'Men's Panty Stocking' appears was well. This might be slightly confusing for English-speaking buyers.

The tights feel like a durable product when you take them out of the packaging.

The fabric is 92% Nylon and 8% Polyurethane, which I assume might be Elastane/Lycra but I am unable to read the packaging information which is is Japanese.

The fabric feels really soft and stretchy.

Legs are straight, and sheer to waist apart from a slightly denser banding near the top of each thigh. Toes are rounded, with excellent reinforcement and good quality stitching.

The waistband is 3cm wide and made from a different, thicker fabric that has been stitched on to the tights. The waistband is soft and comfortable. You can also see that the SmooFit logo has been picked out. There is also a tag stitched into the rear inside seam with the word 'Men's'. These are very cool additional features.

These are tights specifically designed and made for men and this is evident in the superbly designed front and rear sections of the brief.

At the front, the panel has been constructed from double fabric for additional strength. As the front and rear panels meet in a seam under the crotch, the fabric is denser and stronger.

The front panel also has, as shown, a male anatomical fly opening. This has also been constructed really well, and it seems that the hems have improved stitching from the earlier version. In a further nice tough, the stitching on the fly opening has been picked out in light green. This colour scheme changes depending on the denier. For example the 50 denier SmooFit tights have this feature picked out in blue.

Fit and sizing

The SmooFit 80 denier men's tights are available in two sizes: M-L, and L-LL.

I tested a pair in the M-L size. I previously reviewed them in the L-LL size.

The chart that can be seen below on the packaging provides sizing information on height and weight.

M-L size: Fits waist up to 94cm (37"); height up to 185cm (6'1").

L-LL size: Fits waist up to 104cm (41"); height up to 185cm (6'1").

The M-L was definitely a much snugger fit than the L-LL size. Leg length was also good, but with perhaps less stretch than the L-LL. The fit for me was perfectly comfortable, but I would recommend that men taller than me (5'10") go for the larger size.

The brief was comfortable but not quite as roomy or high-rise as the L-LL size.

The fabric fits beautifully snug on the legs with no wrinkling or bunching.

The waistband is well-designed and works well to keep the tights in position. However, I did note that it has much less elasticity compared to the previous style. When worn, the waistband was at the limit of its stretch and if I was any bigger in the abdominal area this might have made it uncomfortable. I think NAIGAI need to revisit this aspect.

Colour range
The SmooFit 80 denier men's tights are available in four shades:

  • Brown 
  • Navy 
  • Grey 
  • Black 
I tested the M-L size in Black. (The L-LL size I tested previously was Navy.)

However, in the newer 2013 version it appears that in the L-LL size only Black is available.

Price and availability
The SmooFit 80 denier men's tights are available online from Rakuten Global Market.

They are priced at ¥1,620 (Japanese yen).

This is equivalent to $13.64, £8.69 and €10.95.

These prices seem extremely reasonable to me given the quality of the product.

(These prices are based on the exchange rate on 14 December 2014.

I have purchased from Rakuten and can confirm that their service is efficient and reliable

As in the earlier review, I would conclude that the SmooFit 80 denier men's tights are an excellent product and a fine addition to the growing selection of men's tights that are now being produced across the world. In Japan, they have clearly caught on, supported by a great deal of positive TV and other media coverage.

I haven't reviewed the new Tabio men's tights yet, but I would say the SmooFit 80 denier style are as good, if not better, that most of the men's tights being produced in Europe, with the exception of Comfort4Men.

I think the lesson from Japan could be: design and produce a quality product, create good packaging, market it effectively and men's tights will sell well and broaden the hosiery market.

Further reviews of the SmooFit range will be published soon.


  1. esta genial el tema de las costuras.

  2. Si Inma. Son la construcción es excelente. Medias muy cómodas y además específicamente para hombres.