Saturday, 17 January 2015

Interview with Wolford #UPDATE YOUR LEGS winner Kay Campbell

The top European hosiery brand Wolford recently held a contest on Facebook called #UPDATE YOUR LEGS.

One of the winners was a hosiery blogger from the UK, Kay Campbell, whose blog Tights and Ladders is gaining a growing readership.

We recently interviewed Kay for Hosiery For Men, and are pleased to now publish this.

Hi Kay, can you tell us a bit about yourself and why you decided to become a hosiery blogger?

Of course, I’m from Liverpool (UK) and my passions are most definitely gaming (PlayStation) and of course hosiery, which I have a vast collection of that is continually increasing!!

I started blogging because prior to purchasing any hosiery items, especially patterned/fashion tights. I would always ‘Google image’ the item to try and see what they looked like on in a ‘normal environment’ and what outfits I could actually wear them with. More than often I was left frustrated, as only the manufactures picture would show, so I thought I couldn’t be the only person who does this and gets the same result? That’s when I finally took the plunge and began my own blog ‘Tights and Ladders’.

Also my mum also worked as a tights machinist in the 1970’s, so I think I definitely picked up my passion from her!

What is your vision for the Tights and Ladders blog? 

Over the next year my ultimate vision is to develop my blog further by venturing into the world of YouTube and of course making time to do more regular updates. I have recently started to write more detailed reviews of my hosiery, which have been a massive hit…so I definitely will be developing this further too (thanks again to ‘Hosiery for Men’ for inspiring me!!)

Congratulations for being one of the winners of the Wolford #UPDATE YOUR LEGS competition. That must have been an amazing experience. Can you tell us more about it?

Thank you so much!!

Well in October 2014, Wolford launched a competition asking for people to enter their competition called ‘#UPDATE YOUR LEGS and four winners would be chosen to go to Rome and have their picture published in a book along with four short stories…so I thought why not enter?

Part of Kay's collection of Wolford tights.

The competition ran for over a month and I honestly didn’t expect to hear anything from it. So to receive an email from the lovely people at Wolford congratulating me and asking whether I would be able to go to Rome in six days time, was an absolute shock and of course I jumped at the chance! Within that same week, I was on a plane flying to the eternal city of Rome for a two nights stay in a 5 star hotel and an event hosted by Wolford to celebrate!

The whole experience was so magical (Rome was absolutely breathtaking, especially in December) and the event Wolford hosted for us was amazing!

Also made some amazing memories and made new friends, who I will treasure forever!

I’m actually still in shock that my legs are now actually published in Wolford’s book It sounds clichéd but not only do I admire Wolford, I love them! They have most definitely inspired me over the years with their amazing designs, so to win was so overwhelming!

You can download a copy of the book for free here.

What are your favourite brands of tights? We know you are passionate about Wolford, but are there other brands that you like?

During a normal working week I tend to wear opaque tights, so when I get a chance to just be me…I actually love any tights that are innovative and make a statement! I think that’s why I do have a passion for Wolford. But I also wear a lot of Falke, Pretty Polly, Givenchy, Gipsy, Leg Avenue and there are so many other brands that I would love to try too!

And any brands you are eager to try and review?

Where do I start…there are so many amazing brands available now!

To name just a few, I would love to try Pierre Mantoux, Oroblu, Cecilia de Rafael and Fogal.

I also think its great to support more British brands, so I will definitely be featuring more of Gipsy Tights, Pretty Polly, Pamela Mann and Pretty Legs on my blog.

There is always quite a lot of media coverage of tights for men. What are your thoughts about the greater visibility of men buying and wearing tights?

For years, I personally feel that there has been slight ignorance/stigma surrounding ‘men wearing tights’. So I think its great that it’s starting to gain more media coverage, it’s definitely about time!

Even as a child, I always remember my father wearing tights as he worked in the construction industry…not only would he wear them for the warmth that they provided but it was also for the additional support. As he was working on his feet all day this is something that is most definitely needed.

As a woman there are so many freedoms that I can enjoy in regards to fashion, so why should there be a double standard? I say the more coverage the better ❤

To men thinking about trying tights, what would you say are the main benefits of wearing them?

Go for it!! There are so many different ranges available, some specifically designed with men in mind. Not only do they keep you lovely and warm in the colder winter months, but they’re extremely supportive too (more so than socks!). I personally hate socks as I feel they often lose their support over time, so for the rest of the day I find myself constantly pulling them back up, making the whole experience quite uncomfortable!

Thank you so much for speaking to Hosiery For Men Kay. I am sure our readers will enjoy the interview and also your supportive comments about men wearing tights.

We hope that readers will check out Tights and Ladders and also follow you on Twitter.


  1. Just had chance to read this!

    Thank you so much for having this feature on me, i love it ❤

  2. Good article. Wolford are indeed brilliant. While my collection is not quite as extensive, I do have about 30 unopened packs and about 20 pairs in active use, including my most treasured pair - the mens' Waist Socks!

  3. I wasn't able to get a pair of the legendary 'waist socks', when they came out in the 1990s. I would love to get a pair but that must be impossible now. Perhaps you could take some photos of them to share with Hosiery For Men readers?

  4. If I can find them, I will!

  5. Fabulous interview. Love that hosiery is becoming unisex. Kayleigh is a great advocate as well as blogger. Look forward to subscribing on her blog.