Thursday, 29 January 2015

Men in tights: how chaps are reclaiming hosiery

Men in tights: how chaps are reclaiming hosiery was the headline of an article in The Guardian newspaper yesterday.

The writer Dean Kissick spoke to Hosiery For Men as part of his research for the article, as well as one of our recommended retailers, UK Tights.

UK Tights stock a wide range of men's tights made specifically for men, and one of these styles, the Activskin opaque tights are featured in the piece.

The article has had a massive amount of shares on social media, and there is a lively archive of comments to read also.

We hope Hosiery For Men readers enjoy reading Dean's article. He would, I feel, be keen to get further feedback, which you can leave here as a comment or at The Guardian.


  1. I have posted a couple of comments. A really balanced article. Think you should have been open about your identity though.

  2. Great article! Very positive and hopefully a turning point for those of us who like to wear hose/ tights.