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Reviewed: Comfort4Men C402MS 70 Den men's tights/pantyhose with support

Comfort4Men is a leading men's hosiery brand in Europe. Their tights for men are made in Germany to the highest standards. They are tights that are specifically designed to provide an excellent fit and level of comfort for the male anatomy.]

We recently provided Hosiery For Men readers with news about the innovative Silver Textile products that Comfort4Men have launched.

We now focus on the C402MS 70 den men's tights/pantyhose with support.

These tights are part of Comfort4Men's extensive range of support tights for men, that are available in Light, Medium and Strong support.

They are also part of the new Silver Textiles range that was launched last year.

The C402MS men's tights/pantyhose with support are available in high-waist and low-waist styles.

My preference is usually for the high-waist style in Comfort4Men tights. These provide plenty of room for me in the brief and abdominal area and ensure the tights stretch well above the waist.

As well as being available in high-waist and low-waist styles, the C402MS men's tights/pantyhose with support are available in four colours. You can also choose to have them made with the gusset in Silver or Silver/Black. This means that if you choose a Silver gusset, the gusset comes with one layer. If you go for the Silver/Black gusset, the inside will be Silver and the outside will have an additional Black layer.

The tights come with a fly opening.

The sample provided to me by Comfort4Men had the following features:
  • High waist
  • Colour: Skin
  • Gusset colour: Silver/Black (two layers)
  • Fly opening: Yes
  • Size: 6

Materials and features
The C402MS men's tights/pantyhose with support are packaged in the customary Comfort4Men style: a card enclosure wrapped in a cellophane sleeve.

The tights are made from made from 83% Polyamide and 17% Elastane. They are promoted as 'medium' support tights with a support strength of 12-15 mmHg.

Although described as 70 denier, these tights look more like semi-opaque 30 denier tights when worn. They do not provide opaque coverage and leg hair will be visible.

In appearance the tights have just a slight sheen. The material used in the legs is smooth but not as soft I as expected it to be. The brief is made from a much softer material.

They are not sheer to waist: the brief is made of a much denser material with greater opacity.

Seams are flat throughout, and engineered to the usual high Comfort4Men standard. The brief has a rear comfort panel. The waistband is 3.5cm wide.

Toes and heels are reinforced.

As mentioned above, these tights come with the unique Comfort4Men Silver Textile gusset and male front panel. Inside the gusset is the Silver material, and outside this is covered with a fine Black mesh.

The fly opening (should you chose for it to be included) is extremely well-designed and also easy to use. One could wear these tights without any underwear underneath.

Fit and sizing

The C402MS men's tights/pantyhose with support are available in three sizes: 4, 5 and 6.

This style is also available in the XL sizes of 7 and 7+.

Because of the special features of support tights (strong support at the ankles and over the calf) these tights need to be put on carefully. I found the compression in the ankle and calf to be actually quite strong. One needs to go slowly, gradually easing them over the feet and then stretching and rolling carefully up the calf and over the knee. It is definitely easier to do this sitting down.

Once I had the tights on and in position, the fit was very good indeed. The high Elastane content ensures the tights mould to the legs. Glide was excellent under trousers.

The high waist version that I tested, has a generous brief which stretched comfortably over the hips.

One can definitely feel the compression effect of these tights. I spend a good deal of time sitting at a desk and they certainly kept my legs energised and comfortable on the two full days that I tested them.

Another positive is that once on, they stay firmly in position needing no adjustment of pulling up. The fly opening is handy here as the tights don't need to be pulled down for personal needs.

Colour range
The C402MS men's tights/pantyhose with support are available in four colours:
  • Black
  • Skin
  • Anthracite
  • Light Brown

I tested a pair in the Skin colour.

Price and availability
The C402MS men's tights/pantyhose with support are priced at €47.75 plus shipping.

Shipping rates vary depending on the destination.

For countries outside of the European Union, German value added tax is not payable. This is removed automatically during the order process.

If you purchase these tights in the low-waist version, the price is €46.75.

The C402MS men's tights/pantyhose with support are very good quality men's compression tights.

Although I wasn't as impressed with the fabric (in the leg) compared to other Comfort4Men styles I have tested and reviewed on this blog, the key issue here is functionality and effective compression. On this measure they score highly indeed, providing a great level of leg support throughout the day.

It's great that once these tights are on, they stay in position all day providing all the health benefits of compression.

For men on their feet all day or sitting for long periods these tights would be a good investment.

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  1. You state that you are not impressed with fabric in the leg. The advantage of the wider mesh fabric is the good breathability under warmer weather conditions. I have worn these tights on many business trips in areas with temperatures above 30°C (86F). Your feet and legs sweat much less compared to the more opaque versions. This is the comfort you are looking for if you have to wear it all day long. Foot, ankle and calf tend to swell more and faster under warmer temperatures.