Sunday, 4 January 2015

Reviewed: Hudson Cover 300 Opaque Tights

UK Tights, Hosiery For Men retailer of the year 2014, sent us a pair of the Hudson Cover 300 Opaque Tights to trial and review.

Material and features
I was intrigued by how UK Tights describes these the Hudson 300 Cover Tights:

'Hudson are a brilliant designer, respected throughout Europe as one of the best in their field. How have they cultivated such a strong image? Hudson are leg wear innovators, building new and different designs every season, and their latest boundary breaking design is something astounding. Hudson Cover 300 Denier Tights, they first of their kind, more than twice as thick and snug as the next thickest opaques in the fashion world. Not only have Hudson solved the problem of staying chic in the coldest winters, they've done it with excellence at every turn. Quality materials, perfect fit and the richest dyes in the industry. These 300 denier tights from one of Europe's fashion powerhouses in nothing less than the best super-opaque tights we've ever sold.'

The 'best super-opaque tights we have ever sold? Well, this simply has to be put to the test.

The tights are very simply packaged in a card sleeve.

The Hudson Cover 300 Opaque Tights are 95% Polyamide and 5% Elastane.

First impressions are positive: these are very thick, soft tights that are designed to keep your legs warm in the coldest weather.

Legs are straight and the tights have no demarcation with the brief/panty. Toes are rounded and have very light reinforcement.

Seams are flat and the XX Large size has a rear comfort panel.

The waistband is 3cm wide and has excellent elasticity.

The fabric is interesting: the outside of the tights has a very fine rib pattern. Inside, the tights have a micro-fleece texture.
Opaque coverage is total and even throughout.

Fit and sizing
The Hudson Cover 300 Opaque Tights are available in five sizes:

  • Small (38-40)
  • Medium (40-42)
  • Large (42-44)
  • X Large (44-46)
  • XX Large (48-50)
The XX Large size I tried fitted very well indeed. I am 5'10" but these tights would easily fit taller and larger men.

The interior micro-fleece is really soft, warm and comfortable and provides excellent heat insulation. I know this as I worse these tights in Berlin recently when the thermometer dropped to -7.

The tights have wonderful stretch. The brief is deep and comfortable.

I particularly liked the subtle micro-ribbed texture on the exterior, which provided a smart alternative to a traditional opaque tight.

Colour range
The Hudson Cover 300 Opaque Tights are available in five colours:

  • Black
  • Dark Hazel
  • Flanell
  • Steel Blue
  • Red Apple

I tested a pair in the Dark Hazel shade.

Price and availability
The Hudson Cover 300 Opaque Tights are priced at £19.99.

This is the first time we have reviewed tights from the Hudson brand at Hosiery For Men. We are impressed with the Cover 300 tights. 

These are excellent super-opaque tights that are warm. comfortable and perfect for very cold days when you need extra insulation.

There is an interesting and very useful review comment made by a male buyer of these tights on the UK Tights website:

'I have long since been on the look out for a product that provides a high level of warmth. I have tried everything else out on the market for men, long johns thermal base layers and anything else that can be imagined or thought of. They are either too bulky, too hot indoors or are not very comfortable. I suffer badly from the cold in winter which never used to be the case, but since being diagnosed with a very rare condition that does not allow me to regulate my own body temperature or know when I am cold, warm tights are a must for the winter. These tights are excellent! Very well made, exemplary comfort and fit, especially when you take into consideration that I am over 6ft, weigh in at around 17 stone and male!!'

For taller and larger men, these tights will be perfect. Great for running, hiking, skiing or just everyday wear.


  1. I have not tried this denier Hudson but I have worn the Hudson Hip 20 pantyhose for years and have never been disappointed with them. They have an excellent fit and feel and last quite a long time. Hudson manufactures an excellent product when it comes to pantyhose and tights and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wears, male or female.

  2. Thanks anon. Let's hope we can review more Hudson styles. In the meantime if you would like to contribute a guest review of the Hip 20 please let us know!

  3. Hi!
    This is a very complete review! We don't always have the chance to try all the products we sell, so we always tell customers to read the reviews for further information about fitting. In this case, listening to your review and our customer's one in the website gives plenty of information we can use when helping customers. Thanks!
    By the way, Hudson are manufactured by Kunert in Germany. No doubt why you and the person who commented before liked the quality of Hudson tights!
    Thanks again.

    UK Tights