Thursday, 19 February 2015

Reviewed: Kunert Warm Up 60 Tights

US-based hosiery retailer The Stylish Fox very kindly sent us a sample of the Kunert Warm Up 60 Tights to trial and review for Hosiery For Men readers. 

We love Kunert tights! They are one of the very best European brands, and their sizing options are excellent.

The Stylish Fox now stock a range of Kunert hosiery, making these excellent products available to the north American market.

Material and features
The Kunert Warm Up 60 Tights are described at The Stylish Fox as follows:

Semi-opaque to opaque tights with actively warming soles and thermal insulation effect for cold days. The special WARM FIBER by Kunert retains heat emitted by the body.

  • elegant matte look 
  • reinforced sole and heel made from actively warming fiber WARM FIBER by KUNERT for a greater wellbeing 
  • perfect fit and comfort thanks to pressure-free waistband and flat seams 
The tights are packaged in the same way as other Kunert products we have reviewed. The tights are folded around a card rectangle, which actually has a handy guide to how to put the tights on should that be needed. The tights are then housed in a card sleeve which is then wrapped in a cellophane envelope.

The Kunert Warm Up 60 Tights are manufactured in Germany.

They are made from 89% Polyamide, 5% Cotton, 4% Elastane and 2% Acrylic.

The size V(5) that I trialled looked quite long as I took from out of the packaging.

The fabric is soft to the touch. They didn't feel like thick and heavy winter tights.

However, these tights have been developed by Kunert as part of their WARM UP range, that uses a special yarn that aims to retain heat emitted by the body.

The tights have even coverage and good opacity, although at 60 denier it is not total.

They are sheer to waist with no demarcation between the leg and the panty.

The size V has a rear comfort panel; smaller sizes have a conventional cotton gusset. Seams are flat throughout and expertly engineered as you would expect from Falke.

The brief is very deep and comfortable. There is a 4cm wide 'pressure free waistband. The waistband also has a Kunert label sewn onto it.

A further unique feature of these tights is what is described as an 'actively warming sole'. This has been knitted to a higher density and provides reinforcement as well as additional insulation.

Fit and sizing
The Kunert Warm Up 60 Tights are available in four sizes at The Stylish Fox: II, III, IV and V.

The size chart above, provided by The Stylish Fox, is slightly different from the sizing information on the packaging. This indicates that the size V extends to just 5'9" in height. I found this slightly odd and a bit inconsistent with other Kunert tights I have reviewed. For example the V size in both the Leg Control 70 and Satin Look 20 tights fits from 5'6" to 6'1".

However, these did tights did fit me pretty well without any overstretching. I am 5'10" and I found that there was sufficient length in the legs for me. The brief was deep and comfortable.

I tested the tights on a couple of fairly cold days and they provided good insulation.

I didn't notice that the 'actively warming sole' made in terms of hear retention, but it was comfortable and provided some additional cushioning. I imagine that it would also make the tights quite durable and hard wearing.

Glide under trousers was good.

Colour range

The Kunert Warm Up 60 Tights are available in four colours from The Stylish Fox: Anthracite, Marine, Black and Mocca.

I tested a pair in Marine, a rich dark blue shade.

Price and availability
The Kunert Warm Up 60 Tights are priced at $17.99 (US dollars).

The Kunert Warm Up 60 Tights reflect the very high standards we have come to expect from Kunert.

These are great quality tights that provide good insulation but are not too thick or heavy.

Having read reviews of this style on the websites of other retailers, I can see why they are so popular. The price is also very reasonable for the level of quality.

The Stylish Fox also stocks the Kunert Satin Look 20 Tights and the Leg Control 70 Tights, both of which we have reviewed previously and highly recommend.


  1. Thank you very much for your thorough review and testing! Regarding the size chart, you will see that the conversion is not correct on the label (is shows 180 cm as equivalent to 5'9", which is not so), so we decided not to use it on the website to avoid confusion. We did contact Kunert about it explaining that 180 cm converts to 5.9 feet and not 5 feet and 9 inches but I don't think they understood the difference. Conversion can be tricky.
    Thanks again!

    1. Maybe you should send them this foolproof conversion table that confirms your corrected size chart.
      150cm / 2.54cm/inch = 59" = 4' 11"
      155cm / 2.54cm/inch = 61" = 5' 1"
      160cm / 2.54cm/inch = 63" = 5' 3"
      165cm / 2.54cm/inch = 65" = 5' 5"
      170cm / 2.54cm/inch = 67" = 5' 7"
      175cm / 2.54cm/inch = 69" = 5' 9"
      180cm / 2.54cm/inch = 71" = 5' 11"

    2. Did refer them to online conversion websites and tried to explain the conversion in an email but they said they had no issues with the chart so far and see no reason to change it now.