Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Visit to Fenwick of Bond Street hosiery department

I paid a first visit today to the recently relaunched Leg Room hosiery department at the famous Fenwick of Bond Street department store.

The press office at Fenwick were more than happy to help facilitate the visit and make sure I was welcomed, and was able to take some photos for Hosiery For Men readers.

The hosiery department is a beautifully designed space, which is open and carefully lit to ensure all the hosiery available is visible and accessible for browsing.

Although each brand has its own section in the department, the overall look is very integrated.

This is one of the very best department store hosiery departments I have even visited in Europe. To be on sale here, you really have to be a top brand with a reputation for quality.

The selection is superb and includes brands such as Wolford, Falke, Donna Karan, Oroblu, Falke, Pretty Polly, Spanx, Pierre Mantoux and Nubian Skin.

Customer service is exceptional with all the staff I spoke to being not only knowledgable about the product, but also genuinely passionate about hosiery.

When I explained that I was visiting to also buy some tights for myself, they were also immediately clear which brands would provide the best fit for men, from their knowledge and experience: Falke and Wolford.

I was assisted by Andrea who had excellent knowledge of the whole of the Falke and Wolford ranges, and patiently showed me a wide range of styles, getting out samples to show what the tights looked like on the skin and the feel of the fabric.

Andrea told me that the hosiery department at Fenwick had many male customers, who purchased tights for a range of reasons: cycling, sports, to go with outfits or just because they liked them. She emphasised that men visiting the department would feel welcome as they wouldn't be judged and would receive the same level of customer care as anyone else.

It was a tough decision to decide what to buy, but with Andrea's help I decided on a pair of the Falke Pure Shine 40 tights and a pair of the Wolford Neon 40 tights.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Fenwick Bond Street have a resident hosiery expert, Sue Harrison, who has more than 40 years experience. You can send Sue any question you have about hosiery by posting it on Instagram or Twitter @Fenwickbondst using the hashtag #ASKSUE and she will get back to you.

If you are visiting London and you are looking for top quality hosiery, in a store with friendly and knowledgeable service, I can definitely recommend a visit to Fenwick of Bond Street.


  1. Very nice looking department store! It is great that you can find many brands in one place. We have Stockmann and Sokos in Finland which are like Fenwick. They also have hosiery departments.
    What is great about these department stores, that on sale days, in Finland 'crazy days' - for Stockmann and '3+1' - for Sokos, you can get a pair of Wolford or Falke for around 10 EUR!

    What color of neon did you get?

    Amazing post! Thank you.

    x Maria

  2. Thanks Maria. I got the Neon 40 in Admiral (dark blue).

  3. I was in London last week and over the weekend. I paid a visit to the Fenwick hosiery department on November 8, 2015!

    Thanks for this tip! I actually google searched "best hosiery department in London" and this article came up!. I'm from the US, and didn't bring any hosiery with me. Plus it's fun to buy and try in other countries.

    Truth is, however, I've already had most of these brands and styles. In fact, the Fenwich assistant said, "do you work for a hosiery company?" ... because I knew a lot of products already. And I said, "no, but I should!" .... I picked up a couple pair of Falke Lunelle 8 thigh highs (personal favorites), 2 pairs of Oroblu Geo 8's and a pair of the Falke Pure Shine 40's in black. SO many Lonon woman wear semi-sheer black hose... I just had to particiapte as well (at least owning them.)